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  • Pastaffic

    See the title. Can someone help me please?

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  • A.lychangin


    June 24, 2016 by A.lychangin
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  • MarjorieT5

    Hi I Originally Intended this for a New Wiki Posting Blog but its Both you can Post your Favorite Characters and your Wiki in the Comments Section Below.

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  • Kmengbtb


    June 24, 2016 by Kmengbtb

    I living in battambang now...

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  • Kiwi.x1


    June 24, 2016 by Kiwi.x1

    This blog is dedicated to Emrey ship which is a friendship/romantic pairing of Emma Duval and Audrey Jensen from Mtv's Scream. Show airs on Mtv at 10/9c on Tuesdays.

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  • Sannse

    If you're reading this, then you're already familiar with staff blogs here on Community Central. You're reading one right now, after all! But do you know what else Community Central has to offer? There's lots to do here beyond reading staff blogs, and we'd love for you to join us!

    Community Central is actually the first Wikia community ever created. Our technical guy at the time (yes, just one!) created it as the hub of all the future communities to come. Over time, it has grown into an even more robust resource to provide help, support, and information to all communities on Wikia. This is the home of help pages, as well as a venue for blogs and forums about all aspects of Wikia. This is also only one of many Community Centrals, with all of…

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  • Nightmaremangle5678

    fnaf mangle

    June 22, 2016 by Nightmaremangle5678

    I love my self and others. I hate the fact that people hate fnaf.I love bacon and pandcakes. my real name is Aaliyah and I have a bf his name is Javiar.

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  • Love Wolves

    Fman122 is back!

    June 22, 2016 by Love Wolves

    Hey guys! Got some terrible news! Just found out "Fman122" Is back! 

    The acount he created is called: "Theboxwillhaunt". If you check his rewards, 1 of them he sent a gift with no membership! So he must be the real "Fman122"! 

    Bye Jammers!

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  • Sandgar

    This is a concept some people have thrown around. It would be a way to bring in new admin or keep really good admin in power. I just want peoples opinions on if we should be able to have term limits, which at the end of these terms, there would be a reelection of an admin, and if an admin is voted out, then a new admin will be voted in. This is just an opinion vote, and does not have binding effects. The options to vote on are:

    1. All admin, including bcrat must have a term, and can't be reelected after the term for a certain period of time.
    2. All admin have a term that they are free from demotions or recalls, but when the term ends they must be reelected. They can be reelected as many times as they want.
    3. Admin do not have terms, but a vote can be…
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  • Rappy 4187

    Here are the latest technical updates at Wikia. Keep in mind that our system updates happen every Tuesday and Thursday - today's notes are for tomorrow's site update. Also note that we change hundreds of tiny details every week, so these are just the highlights.

    • As mentioned on Monday, the updated login/signup links and flows on the desktop site have been updated for all Spanish and Russian communities. This updated method of authentication will be rolled out to more languages in the next few days. Please report any issues that you encounter.

    • Category Exhibition will now show up to 16 subcategories (up from 8).

    Detailed CSS updates can be found at - the diffs show changes to .css, .scss, .tmpl.php, .html, .sass and .mu…

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