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  • Dai-Saiyajin


    Super Saiyan                    - 50x base

    Super Saiyan 2                 - 100x base

    Super Saiyan 3                 - 400x base

    Super Saiyan God (Ritual) - 60.000x base (/6.000 after the time limit)

    Saiyan Beyond God          - 200x base (same of mystic transformation)

    Super Saiyan God             - 5x base (Saiyan Beyond God)

    Super Saiyan Blue             - 10x base (Saiyan Beyond God)

    Golden (Freeza)                 - 15x ultimate form


    Absortion                    - +0.5

    Metamoru                    - 10x

    Potara                         - 100x

    Potara (beetween gods) - 10x

    Majin Boo Saga:

    Piccolo                                                                  - 600.000.000

    Goten (after training)                                  …

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  • ThePhoenixGirl

    Hi. Ive been on wiki for a while now and have even started my own wiki but i noticed that it can be hard to get people to check out yr wiki so i made this for you to be able to advertise. Just leave the name, a link to the wiki and maybe a quick summary. I hope this helps all that are starting wikis.

    P.S. Feel free to edit this just dont touch anybody but yr own advertisement.

    Our Fanfictions is a place for all the worlds fan fic writers to come together and share. You can Role Play, add fan art on The Great Wall of Fan Art, blog on just about anything. and share Random Stuff About Random Things. Whether its MLP or anime all are welcome. There really aren't that many rules and this is mainly to have fun. I really really really really hope th…

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  • TARDIS2010

    Greetings fellow Wiki users. I'm TARDIS2010 lead Admin at the Dad's Army Wiki and I am here today to inform you all about the wiki.

    Dad's Army is a classic British sitcom which ran on the BBC from 31 July 1968 – 13 November 1977 and produced 9 series & 3 Christmas specials along with 2 feature films, one of which you may have come across as it was released this year.

    Dad's Army was set in the fictional south coast seaside town of Walmington-on-Sea, during the Second World War. Alternating moments of gentle character comedy with broad slapstick, it recounted the misadventures of the local voluntary defence force (or 'Home Guard'), consisting of men who are too old or 'unfit' for military service.

    As it stands the wiki has 230 article but only t…

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  • LaughingJacks

    If you are new to wikia, or need to know how to edit like a good person, here is the guide!

    You can fix grammar on the page. If it uses the wrong usage of "You're" or "Your". Fix it to the right use. If the article said "Grab you're bags and run out the door!" then fix it to "Grab your bags and run out the door!" Same thing goes for punctuation. If the article says, "And the man with the scarf said 'Go to your room.' " Spot it yet? You have to fix the word 'said' to 'said,' and the period at the end to an exclamation mark.

    You can also fix words to BETTER words. Like instead of "He swung the sword at naruto." Instead of pronouns, use names, but not all the time. Also capitalize names also. So, use "Zabuza lashed the sword at Naruto!" See the…

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  • InfernobirdKRPT

    HOI 4

    August 29, 2016 by InfernobirdKRPT


    I start as greece and I try and take over the world

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  • LaughingJacks

    Go to your userpage and copy this source code into the source editor:


    Replace NAMEOFCOLOR to whatever color you want.

    Replace NAMEOFFILE to the file to upload.

    Replace SWYWTS with text.

    You got it!

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  • Theguyhelping

     best people I'm going to my arpartement showing ok the arpartement has a living room with 2 bedroom I have a used is the turn of the laundry and my workspace that is messy and I have bought it in 2013. OK, I have a collection model kits and more and my larp stuff ok I love the army my favorite gun is the m16 I airsoft and i TV like I think better call saul fun and more I like to play on my pS4 and my laptop and my 3ds I have an old help that has been of my uncle in vietnam mp helmet that is my domain -compact it's my house, I'm going to show my pick up and where I work, I like to just let imagine I am benjamin dixons I am 28 years old i was born in north dakota I lived there for 16 years when I went to iowa on a trailer park living when I…

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  • EthanmanD

    Skyrim levels 1-25

    August 28, 2016 by EthanmanD

    Welcome if your are level 25 or higher this probably isn't the best place for you to be unless you'd like to learn a trick or two. Now you've seen the title screen click New Game (Note: this game glitches alot so don't worry just reset) now to the point you were caught in an ambush that the imperials had caught the rival stormcloaks. You were acused and was taken to a road to helgan. You doze of and wake up not far from helgan this is the point where you have started the game also you dont see this. Now to the game it's pretty clear where to start. After you've made it past helgan keep go 

    east to falkreath and you can make 500 dollars worth of gold there. 

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  • MisterXenomorph

       "We don't need no education. We don't need no thought control. No dark sarcasm in the classroom. Teacher, leave them kids alone. Hey, teachers, leave them kids alone! All in all, it's just another brick in the wall. All in all, you're just another brick in the wall."

    Telegram from the Hammerskins

    Hello! I am MisterXenomorph, the newest member of the Pink Floyd Wiki. Well, the only member in a long time. Pink Floyd is a four member band based in london, Pink Floyd is known for progressive and psychedelic music. Becuase of the bands popularity, some people made a wiki about but has long since abandoned which I need your help! Let's build a wall.

    If you can spend a bit of spare time, it would be awesome!

    Thank you for your patience. 

    Pink Floyd…

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  • Theguyhelping


    August 27, 2016 by Theguyhelping

    I know that Cold War (post-Korea/pre-Vietnam) uniforms don't necessarily make a huge splash in collector arenas, but to me, this is the most honored item in my collection! First, a little back story: My father, who is now 82 years old, enlisted in the Army in 1954, and after basic training and AIT, was assigned as a medic with the 4th Armored Division at Fort Hood,Texas. My dad was then transferred to 5th Corps at Fort Leonard Wood Missouri, and was assigned again as a medic with the 63rd Engineer Brigade Combat. In 1956, the 63rd EBC was activated and after riding a troop train from Ft Leonard Wood to New York City, the Brigade boarded the US Navy Ship Simon Buckner and sailed to France before proceeding to Bremerhaven, Germany and eventu…

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