• Yuma10000

    I know I mess up big time but I remember I help you be the admin from kc undercover wiki because it nice to help user.

    You help me with my fanfiction story.

    I did this secret message but I can’t doing on the blogpost.

    It might cause trouble for three of us.

    I was going to write this secret but I didn’t want to embarrass star.

    That why I need her fanfiction pm with star heard this secret message.

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  • Dory1994

    memoria conveniente

    May 21, 2018 by Dory1994
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  • Javiera Ravelo

    Un total de 24 selecciones estaran en el Mundial Femenino 2019 entre el 7 de junio y el 7 de julio de 2019. Habrá seis grupos de cuatro selecciones, con los dos primeros y los cuatro mejores tercer clasificados alcanzando la fase de eliminatorias. La Seleccion Chilena ya esta clasificada para estar en la cita mundialista por primera vez en su historia.

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  • Angelicministries


    May 20, 2018 by Angelicministries

    "In Baenje, everything grows, but mostly everyone dies. Isn't that ironic. Baenje means growth, but almost everyone that goes to the island never makes it back.It should not be called Baenje, it should be called Muerte. A place of death. Ya, that sounds fitting." ~Makhi

    "I am a shadow of who I once was." ~Farah
    In this town they are known for: their strong men, men not afraid to shoot a gun or throw a weapon, girls unnaturally obedient, and their technology. But all of this comes with a price. When boys hit seventeen, they are sent to train for a year then they are sent to Baenje until they turn twenty. Girls are sent to a facility the moment they first bleed and stay there until men ask for their hand in marriage.
    In Baenje, the woods are t…

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  • Angelicministries

    A young boy named Chris is in 6th grade has a problem of stuttering his words. When a boy named Jason starts bullying him he wants to die, but with the help of Jason and Chris' crush,Tara, the bully stops.

    Help to end bullying.
    If someone is being bullied and you are witnessing it every day be like Tara and stand up to the bully to help its victim. Because if you don't do anything, the kid that was being bullied will not be there the next day.
    What bullying someone can do:
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  • Angelicministries

    "I close my eyes and dream about the girl who I used to be. The girl from long ago who never once in her life endured such nightmares and Hell, I try to be the girl who laughed easily at the jokes her mother said into her ear. A little girl who was all smiles and never worried about anything and trusted everyone. I try to be that girl again, I try to find her, but she is buried to deep into the depths of my soul. I can feel no part of her...I can no longer hear her heart beat...I can no longer hear her laughs. The girl from long ago is dead and she can never come back" ~Zoey

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  • I Love Blue 02

    (G)I-DLE Wiki

    May 20, 2018 by I Love Blue 02

    Hello Wikia Users! Today, I'll introduce to you the (G)I-DLE Wiki!!! (G)I-DLE Wiki is an encyclopedia fansite about the new South Korean girl group (G)I-DLE. First of all, who is (G)I-DLE? Aside from being the newly debut South Korean girl group, they're also from Cube Entertainment, the home of popular K-Pop groups like CLC, BtoB, Pentagon and its former artist 4Minute. (G)I-DLE was consists of 6 members: Miyeon, Minnie, Soojin, Soyeon, Yuqi, and Shuhua.

    . Currently, the wiki has 25 articles, 761 edits and 6 active users. Hope to see you there ^_^
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  • RRabbit42

    The philosophy of these blogs is "Everything is adaptation". It's impossible to list every type of adaptation because of it. But here are some examples that you may not realize are adaptations.

    Stage name, pen name, pseudonym, married name, professional name, nickname, pet name: Changes to how you identify yourself.

    Sequel, prequel, mid-quel, spin-off, remake, reboot, reimagined, inspired by a true story, based on actual events: Taking an existing story and changing it to re-tell the same story or add onto that story.

    Parody, homage, allusion, mashup: adapting your idea to reference another story, person, place or something else:

    • "The Dude" and "The Stranger" from The Big Lebowski appearing in a My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic episode.
    • Candace…

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  • RRabbit42

    The philosophy of these blogs is "Everything is adaptation". It's impossible to list every type of adaptation because of it. But here are some examples that you may not realize are adaptations. Part 2 covers topics related to writing, as well as resources about professionally adapting stories.

    To the right are examples of a basic idea: types of food, footwear and a logo for a company. They are all distinctly different from each other but they all share the same source. Each one is an adaptation of that basic idea.

    Cooking is a universal adaptation that everyone is familiar with. The simple act of making toast or heating up soup alters the flavor. And when you combine foods, you adapt them to create new flavors. Peanut butter and jelly, choco…

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  • RRabbit42

    In the blog about getting your fan fiction accepted, I talked about how fan fiction can become spam. To prevent that, you don't go from wiki to wiki, plastering your fan fiction everywhere. It needs to be kept separate from the official information and you need to make sure that where you do put it is appropriate. If you spam your fan fiction, it can damage your reputation and then people won't want to read it because you're being a nuisance.

    There are other things that can damage your reputation to the point people might not want you around any more: abusing multiple accounts and inventing information.

    Having more than one account is allowed but may not be a good idea. It is also possible to create new accounts even if you get blocked on a …

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