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    Hello Wikians!

    My name is Nick Friedland, and I am the newest member of the Wikia Community Support team. I am from Northern California originally, so living and working in SF comes naturally. I am interested in a lot of outdoors and lifestyles activities including, camping, cooking, diving, and skiing. I am also a big sports fanatic, including soccer, baseball and football. Finally, I am a voracious reader, and an amateur writer, and I regularly volunteer my time around the Bay Area to improve …

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    Hello once again, everyone! Or, should I say, g'day mates! (Sorry, I realize no one in Australia actually says that, but I just couldn't resist).

    This week we're proving once again just how international we are and introducing you to Nicole, from Australia! Nicole will probably never talk to me again after my "G'day mates" greeting above, but I'm delighted to be able to introduce you all to her. Not only does Nicole have thousands and thousands of edits to her name, but judging by the communitie…

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    One year ago this week, Wikia announced WAM (Wikia Activity Monitor), a unique way to track the health and well-being of Wikia communities. It gives each community a score between 0 and 100, based on a variety of measurements, including page views, contributions, and level of user activity.

    Since WAM’s inception, it’s been incredible to see how many wikias not only appear in the WAM ranking but how many community members notice and track their own WAM scores. Over 10,000 wikias have cracked the ra…

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    Hello, Wikians!

    April 15, 2014 by Ducksoup

    Hi Wikia community!

    I'm Andrew. I just joined Community Support as your new Technical Community Manager.

    My last role was at, also located here in San Francisco. I started in community but my role eventually evolved into being a QA Engineer. I truly missed working with the community after a couple years on the back end, though, so I came back to my roots.

    In my off time, my favorite thing to do is bike the hills of San Francisco in pursuit of cheap, delicious food. I'm also a sports junk…

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    Can you believe it? 2014 is now knocking on the door and we’re anticipating that in this upcoming year, more than half of all Wikia visits will be coming from mobile devices. For many of you, this may seem to be a surprise, especially when thinking about how mobile devices comprised less than five percent of total Wikia visits just a couple of years ago, but the reality is that each and every one of us now shares the responsibility of making sure our wikias are ready for the inevitable dominanc…

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    For the last couple of months we've been talking about the new VisualEditor and its role in Wikia's evolution: helping to make every community a collaborative space for all types of users. Your feedback from the beta release has been very helpful for setting priorities, identifying bugs, and making sure the feature is ready to take its next step into the spotlight. And that time has come!

    The new VisualEditor is now available to enable in the Labs section of WikiFeatures. We've been making updat…

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    Mighty No. 9

    Back when we announced Wikia Video we wanted to offer a solution to videos that get taken down due to Copyright issues from sites such as YouTube by providing 100% properly licensed, high quality videos for you to use on your communities.

    Shortly after, we released another tool to streamline the process allowing you to replace non-licensed videos with our licensed videos –Licensed Video Swap (LVS). This new tool allowed admins to quickly swap videos from outside providers to the same (or very si…

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    The Road to VisualEditor

    October 29, 2013 by BertH

    It's been exciting to see all of the comments and feedback about VisualEditor, and encouraging to hear that so many of you think it will be beneficial for newer users on Wikia communities. Be assured that source editing will remain available to users who prefer it, and we're working hard to make sure that VisualEditor can serve the needs of a wide range of contributors. Today I'd like to highlight some of the challenges and achievements on the road to creating this update to the WYSIWYG editing…

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    First of all, I've written this countdown for my wiki at the very beginning because the "official" one suggested by Wikia isn't cool to fit in the Chinese language. (We don't have commas in the date/time!)

    You may use this timer to do a vivid countdown on an upcoming event, the release date of a new game or episode or movie or the remaining time of the ongoing activities.

    As the name suggests, it's a countdown timer. It's simple and it works. It got a dynamic flipping effect!

    • You have to be an adm…

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    As those who frequent any chat know, sometimes the chat goes quiet, or it "dies." When the chat is "dead" many people like to state something along the lines of "Dead chat." When people say that the chat is dead, more often than not, the chat remains dead. When there is no discussion going on, a good idea for getting a discussion started is to play a game. Not a long game or an in depth game, but a game that allows all the users in chat to participate if they choose too. This game can also be p…

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    Rappy 4187

    Guide to Infoboxes

    January 15, 2013 by Rappy 4187

    As a member of the Community Support Team and long time wiki editor, one of the areas I most often get questions about are Templates. Templates allow for you to create a consistent look across your wiki, but can be tricky to set up. Here I would like to offer steps of how to customize a basic template called an infobox. This guide is meant for those with at least a basic knowledge of templates and will cover some of the more advanced techniques. It may be helpful to read about Wikia's default i…

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    Wikia Help 101

    January 8, 2013 by BertH

    Many of you have probably consulted a help page on Wikia at some point. You might have done that here on Community Central, on your home wiki, or on a wiki you just founded. Did you ever wonder how the same help pages exist in all of those different places? When you're done reading this, you'll know all that and more!

    Until recently, there was a separate wiki called the Help Wiki where all of the Wikia Help articles resided. A few months ago, we migrated all of that content onto Community Centra…

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Founder & Admin Central Guides

Once you have founded a wiki or are appointed to being an admin or bureaucrat on a wiki, there are a few key places on your wiki that you should familiarize yourself with. These places help admins and founders manage, monitor and edit. They are by far the most used areas for admins:

  • Rich Text Editor
  • Wiki Activity and Recent Changes
  • Special:SpecialPages
  • Admin Dashboard

Within this Guide, we'll walk through the Admin Dashboard and how to use it.

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Founder & Admin Central Guides

When I first started editing the My Little Pony Wiki, I was thrilled to earn my first achievement badge! Day after day I would edit on MLP a little here and a little there. Each day, I'd scan the list of top contributors on the leaderboard (Special:Leaderboard) to see my name slowly start to rise. It was thrilling and exciting. I felt like I was helping the community to a better place by adding categories and editing articles. Some people pride themselves on edit counts which is great, but I try to focus on specific goals -- that's why I love achievements.

Achievements are a great way to customize your wiki while also encouraging editors to contribute more. Each achievement is awarded based on of a variety of things. And each achievement can be customized to fit the need of your wiki.

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Founder & Admin Central Guides

Recent Changes — or as it's sometimes referred to as 'RC' — is much like Wiki Activity. They both track contributions on a wiki. But Recent Changes records all of the activity. It's more of a technical feed of everything that's taking place on a wiki. With Recent Changes, you can actually see everything that is happening. Don't have a lot of activity on your wiki yet? That's ok too. Recent Changes is also really helpful to look back and find something you did, uploaded or added. It's a quick short cut to seeing what's happening on your wiki and all of the wikis you are stopping by to check out.

Let's go over what all these numbers, characters and information mean. As you can see there is a lot of info and if you have no idea what you are reading -- it can be a little confusing and daunting.

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Founder & Admin Central Guides

Wikis by nature have a lot of activity on them. Once a wiki starts to attract a community, whether that's two or three people or hundreds of people, a lot of action can happen over any period of time. Editing, uploading an image, writing a blog post, leaving a comment, adding a new page, asking a question in a forum—so much can happen! Because anyone can come and edit (and add any of the above contributions and more) it’s useful to be able to find all of that activity in one place.

As a good admin, it's important to monitor the activity on your wiki for a number of reasons. The main reason is to see what is being added and edited. This is your space, your community—it's important to see what exactly is being edited and by whom. Two tools used to keep track of wiki changes are Wiki Activity and Recent Changes. Both of these features are useful tools for this task.

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Founder & Admin Central Guides

When editing, leaving comments or posting on wikis you'll need to know the basics of wikitext. It's true we have our awesome editor that helps with editing, but there are times where you'll need to edit using wiki text. Such situations can occur when leaving comments on blogs or article pages or when a page is only editable in source mode.

Wikipedia defines wiki text or wiki markup as a lightweight markup language used to write pages in wiki websites. It is a simplified alternative/intermediate to HTML. Its ultimate purpose is to be converted by wiki software into HTML, which in turn is served to web browsers.

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