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Wikia — Humor
Knock knock, check out all of the great humor wikis on Wikia.

Uncyclopedia: Bring out your inner Oscar Wilde on this wiki all about anything you could imagine.

Wikiality: A shrine to Stephen Colbert or a carefully documented encyclopedia? You decide.

Darthipedia: With over "582,799,269" articles about Star Wars humor, the biggest wiki of all time!!

UnAnswers: Answers to every question you could never think of.

Misencyclopedia: The info-less encyclopedia; just a bunch of random stuff put together to attempt at humor.

Un-Club Penguin Wiki: A wiki that makes fun of everything in Club Chicken Penguin, rather, and it's evil owner, Disney.

Factual Nonsense: A wiki about things that make sense, er, that don't make sense.

Reversopedia: The Encyclopedia of everything that isn't true - the exact reverse of wikis like Wikipedia and Citizendium.

The Hitchhiker's Guide to Earth: The guide to life, the Universe and everything.

Club Penguin Nonsense: A random, humorous, illogical wiki for Club Penguin.

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