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Wikia - Lifestyle
Enhance your life by checking out our Lifestyle wikis..

Welcome to the Wikia Lifestyle Network
home to thousands of Wikia's lifestyle-related wikis that anyone can edit. If you're just starting out with wikis, check out our New to Wikis Section.

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See the list below or the Lifestyle wiki for a longer list of lifestyle wiki with short description articles and links to the target wiki.
Lifestyle Blogs!
  • 7

    Help on Althistory Wiki

    August 23, 2014 by Likercat

    Recently the User Lingwistyka is Vandalizing the wiki Althistory Wiki , it all started when Lingwistyka maked a inproper spelling of "Constantinople" which the local admin Lordganon fixed to the prop…

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  • 0
    Aldo The Fox

    Hi, I'm Aldo The Fox of the Tokupedia Project, I am a weirdo American who likes superheroes from Japan in addition to the big names at Marvel and DC.

    This blog is for all you manga fans out there who …

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  • 4

    Ivy lover

    August 23, 2014 by AbercrombieFizzwidget

    The user IvyLover is a vandalizer and a troll, and I feel he needs to be blocked.

    First off: He claimed to be harassed by me when all I did was call him a jerk for vandalizing my friend AClockworkOran…

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