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Blank to DisneyXD
DisneyXD/pl to GroceryBag
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LittleIrish1 to OA
OFFICIALHARRY/sig to Sig/MamuelRoriTessie
Sig/Tabs to Titel
Title to User:Csuarezllosa/Sig
User:Csuarezllosa/es to User:Jeff G.
User:Jeff G./talk to User:Mylesgray
User:Mythrun/RandomWikiEdit to User:SpongeFreddy777/Button
User:SpongeFreddy777/Wall Greeting to User:Yuzura/RHW Network
User:Yuzura/Seal to User sl-0
User sl-1 to WLB/RO
WLB/RU to Wikisoft*
Wikivar to 聯播

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