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! to BobSigM
BobSigNew to E4
ERB to Hubheader
Hubimage to MergeWiki
Merge sitenotice to R
R/1 to SyfyWikis
SynshoProfile to User:BelgiumHelper
User:Belial Diabolus Rex to User:H Fern/bcrat
User:H Fern/crat to User:Mr. Katana/WLB
User:Mr. KatanaImagesProfil to User:Starfleet Academy/4talk/Blank
User:Starfleet Academy/Blank to User:Меднозвёздня/sig
User:Новак to User uk-0
User uk-1 to WLB/row/val
WLB/row/vi to 聯播

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