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! to C:de:Benutzer:TheronSWTOR/Signatur
C:greenyphatom:User:Eggium to Ethrundr/Profile
Eulalia459678wikis to Interwiki signature
Interwiki template to NC-Sig/8
NC-Sig2 to Scrollbox
Seanconnoll/Sig to Tl
Tlc to User:Derpmau5
User:Devah/Sig to User:Limxzero
User:Lindachou to User:Rocerus Golden-Feather/time
User:Rodriguez.g to User:Yathear/IT
User:Yathear/JA to User sr-N
User sv to WLB/row/bn
WLB/row/bs to 聯播

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