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Wikia Magazines are a new style of wiki where contributors create and edit magazine articles on a range of topics.

The first three magazines - entertainment, local information and politics - launched on February 13, 2007. Another four - cars, tunes, health, and gaming launched on March 13, 2007. The next four were launched in April foodie, restaurants, mortgages, and fitness. More are planned soon!

Each magazine is a community resource for building free content on a specific topic which will significantly enhance the ability of passionate people to collaborate online.

List of magazines

T.V. and movie lovers now have a place to create episode guides, movie and actor reviews, or blog about all-things Hollywood.
individual sections for nearly every town in the United States--users can search for their town's section using their zip code. On the site, anyone can post local news, information on local events, blog about local happenings or create a place for discussion around issues facing their community.
national, state and local sections where users are able to search and contribute by state and/or zip code. Contributors can share and discuss their political opinions, build out historical resources and voter guides, or simply just read and comment on the others thoughts and learn about political issues.
all-things music, including the latest happenings and gossip from the music industry, user-rated songs and albums and a featured artist and band information.
an extensive glossary of car parts, tools, and terms, current news and issues in the car industry, and information on luxury and classic cars.
computer and video games, includes information on games for all types of consoles, as well as tips and tricks for popular video games.
detailed lists of hundreds of diseases with information on their definitions, causes, symptoms, treatments and prevention techniques.
about all things food! Add recipes, create a cookbook, or write food-related articles or blog entries.
rate and write reviews for restaurants and upload menus.
discuss mortgages and ask for advice. The magazine features sections for first time buyers, mortgage refinancing, bad credit mortgages, applying for a mortgage, and a mortgage glossary. Users also have the ability to rate and review mortgage lenders.
discuss anything related to fitness. The magazine includes sections for dieting/weight loss, exercising, weight training and nutrition.

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