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Oasis is the unofficial name of the default skin on Wikia wikis. This is what you get when you stick to the Wikia layout on the preferences page. If you use Monobook you can test Oasis by adding ?useskin=oasis or ?useskin=wikia to the URL. This would be &useskin=oasis etc. for URLs already containing a query part introduced by a ?.

The SkinSwitchButton user script simplifies experiments with the Oasis (wikia), Mobile (wikiamobile), and Monobook skins. As of 2013 you could also still try useskin=cologneblue. Various older skins were removed from MediaWiki core in 2013.[1] The Vector skin used as default on WikiMedia wikis after Monobook is unavailable on Wikia wikis. The Wikia default Oasis is unavailable on WikiMedia wikis.[2]

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  2. wikipedia:, m:, mw:, commons: etc. are WikiMedia projects

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