Course #6 - Admin Actions: Blocking
Fandom University - Admin Actions - Blocking02:25

Fandom University - Admin Actions - Blocking

When someone is deliberately causing trouble on your community and won't listen, it's necessary to keep them away from your community. In this video, you'll learn how to block a user from editing on your wiki.
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  • U better not blocked me when i´ve been admin

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    • He did just  normally blocked me because i have funny name. pls block NBC proection and respirator wiki pls delete it.or give me function of...
    • There's no need to close a wiki just because you're blocked there. You can appeal your block to the admin that blocked you here...
  • Admin abuse

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    • Just get him banned.
    • It doesn't work that way. Staff does not intervene in local blocks; admins can block for whatever reason they see fit. Only a community w...