Wiki activity

Wiki Activity in action

The Wiki Activity feature enables users to look at the latest contributions to your wiki. It's a great place to see what the latest edits are to your community.

Step by stepEdit

  1. To access it, navigate to the "Wiki Activity" link in the "On the Wiki" tab of the navigation bar. It looks like this:
    Wiki activity button
  2. Wiki Activity lists the most recent contributions to the community including changes to any content page, user or user talk page and categories as well as new comments, photos, and pages.
  3. To see the newly added content, simply follow the links there.
  4. If you would like to view more details, click the "See all activity >" link which will bring you to Recent Changes.

Things to keep in mindEdit

  • The feature does not list all of the changes to the wiki (for example, it doesn't show added redirects or changes made to templates). Use Recent Changes if you would like to see all changes.
  • Wiki Activity is not available in the Monobook skin.

Watch tutorial: monitoring your communityEdit

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