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Below is a table of Guides the community is helping to write. We hope that these guides will be the first place for newbies to go and learn the basics of wiki editing.

If you are interested in helping to write one of the guides below, please leave a message on this page's talk page letting us know how you would like to help.

Also, is there something we have missed? Is there something you think should be added? Let us know on this page's talk page as well. Thanks!

# Guide User Date asked Notes for Guide 1st draft (link) Finished Final link
1. Admin Dashboard n/a complete yes Guide to Admin Dashboard
2. Rich Text Editor what it is, how to use, strengths and weaknesses
3. Wiki Text/Formatting complete yes Wikitext
4. Wiki Activity complete yes Wiki Activity
5. Recent Changes complete yes Recent Changes
6. Signature


12/1/11 link (ready for review)
7. Editing (do's & don'ts) Cook 12/6/11 conflicts, wikiquette, reverting
8. Special:Upload/Images/Files Cook 12/6/11
9. Vandalism & blocking RT 12/6/11 how to identify, what to do, VSTF Here (ready for review)
10. Creating Pages Airhogs 1/2/12 11-14 will all live on this guide Aquí (ready for review)
11. Protecting a page Jäzzi 12/6/11 Draft 1
12. Deleting a page Jäzzi 12/6/11
13. Renaming a page Timeoin 12/6/11
14. Reverting a page Jäzzi 12/10/11
15. Skin upload (advanced) Cook 12/6/11
16. Templates Rappy 12/2/11 link
17. Info boxes
18. Wiki Navigation
19. Main Page design
20. Categories Cook 12/2/11
21. Granting User Rights Jäzzi 12/10/11
22. SEO Cook 12/6/11
23. Creating a wiki Plasma why they're important link (ready for review)
24. Achievements
25. Special:SpecialPages Timeoin 12/6/11 General walk through link
26. Theme Designer Trellar General walk through
27. FAQ List of the most asked questions
28. MediaWiki Pages Godisme 12/23 The basic pages every admin should know immediately. link (ready for review)

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