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Hello. I want to modify achievements like "Awarded for contributing to the wiki every day for 5 days!" (original name "Key to the Wiki!") to count not days in a row, but every different day a user made an edit. I don't want to force anyone to edit my wiki just for the sake of little fun of having some badge, badges should be earned passively and should not be specifically worked on in my opinion. The "every day for 365 days" badge just makes no sense to me.

Unfortunatly the badges are hard-coded, so there's no way to change them -- RandomTime 16:40, November 15, 2012 (UTC)
"every day for 365 days" Wow, I never knew there was a badge like that. But I can understand some people in Wikia would earn it, because of how dedicated they are. I just earned 14 days badge and it was very hard (I've been in Wikia since 2009 so it really wasn't due to slacking off LOL). But I guess if you get used to visiting your wiki every single day, it helps with earning those and creates discipline.
"badges should be earned passively" Sure, but that's the reason why I didn't get those for a long time. But, if you're aiming to get them there is really no easy way to do it, you have to work for them. --Liliana (my talk). 04:13, December 15, 2012 (UTC)