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See recent blog post - Best practices for Blocking and also Help:Blocking for a start. For more specific cases a bit more info on specfic problems that you think may warrant a block would help us advise you.
Bigger wikis often have (complex) polices in place on when to block (and how to appeal a block). Looka some of the bigger wikis for examples & Wikipedia for an overly complex process, i.e how not to do it. But also remember the wikia principle of assuming Good Faith on edits and try to help users rather than blocking them for minor 'mistakes', as they may not know how to contribute constructively & blocking may just turn them away or intoa even bigger problem. Not all 'wrong' edits are vandalism, so warn users politely that there recent edit(s) is 'unconstructive' with a reason why. Length of block should also fit the 'crime'. If it a new wiki clearly define what the wiki is about (& what is not acceptable) and you then have the starting point for a blocking policy, such as posting material that has no relavance to the topic, Blatant advertising (spam) as it breaks Wikia 'Terms of Use', Unsuitable/non relavent images, harrasement of other users, vandalism etc. Some wikis think bad, spelling, grammer or not signing your post are grounds for a block ;) (but then may then wonder why they have few editors) It all depends to some extent on the Wikis subject matter & policies decide on by wikis the comunity (& Wikia's general rules for users).
- 23:12, April 6, 2012 (UTC)