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Hi. I'm an admin over at South Park Archives. A few admins and I were thinking of renaming and uploading new pictures for a few badges. We were wondering, if the badges name and/or photo is changed, will any users who have gained that badge lose it, or will it simply update to the new one automatically (Example: Say a user gained the 100 days of editing badge and it's called "Thanks for your Contribs!", but we rename it to "The Golden Halo". Would the user have to regain the badge or would the users current badge simply update to fit the new name)? Thanks and have a nice day! Nikolaitttt 07:43, February 5, 2012 (UTC)

If the name and/or image of an achievement is altered, it will update to the new version automatically and fortunately, nobody will lose the achievements they had previously gained.
--Dser (wall | email) 13:28, 2/6/2012