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I'm an admin on wiki for an play-by-post forum RP. Recently, many of our pages have been getting spam comments - comments in random languages, advertisements, or topics that have nothing to do with anything remotely related to the community.

I was wondering if there was a) a way to delete comments as an admin and b) a way to make sure you have to be logged in before editting/making comments/etc on the entire wiki (i'd hate to have to protect all 436 pages individually.)

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You could manually delete them or report this to the VSTF. They have the tools to take care of spam/vandalism in mass forms. If you want to make it so only registered users can edit/comment, you can send in a request for that with Special:Contact. Love and Lust 18:50, August 23, 2012 (UTC)
Also, there is a VSTF tool that you yourself can use to clean up spam comments. This tool is WHAM (it's a user script that uses the MediaWiki API). However, this is a slightly more advanced thing, so if you don't feel comfortable with installing and using JavaScript user scripts, it's better not to mess with this. You can install it by putting the following code in your wikia.js page on the cdn wiki:
// Adds WHAM, see
importScriptPage('User:Joeyaa/wham.js', 'vstf');
Then, when you visit a user's contributions page, you will see a menu that says Quick Tools -- you can use this to, for example, delete ALL comments by a single user with 1 click. Note: you don't have to use this script, you can always report spam to the VSTF as Love and Lust said. But using this script properly can allow you to become more self-sufficient and take care of things around your wiki yourself, which is also a good thing. 20px_Rin_Tohsaka_Avatar.png Mathmagician ƒ(♫) 19:35 UTC, Thu, 23 August 2012