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I realise this entertainment calendar thing is brand new, or at the very least a brand new flavour of a not-so-old idea, but I gotta ask: who's controlling the content? It seems very random and very America-centric to me. I know we weren't contacted at w:c:tardis to supply information about upcoming dates, and it doesn't look like any British-based programme is represented there. I mean, where's your announcement that Sherlock ended its second series last night? That's probably the single biggest piece of British entertainment news this week, and the editors at w:c:bbc-sherlock would probably have appreciated the boost, given that they've got to now wait for another year at least for another item to appear on the calendar.

If we're going to be forced to host links to other wikis so high up on the page, I'd think to think that all Entertainment wikis are sharing in the chance to be featured Wikia-wide. Instead, we seem to be getting flashed info series that a lot of our editors won't even have access to because of simple geography. Why is, for instance, this week's episode of 30 Rock more worthy of a spot on a calendar than the first reunion of Tom Baker and tardis:Louise Jameson in performed Doctor Who since the mid-1970s? Don't get me wrong: I love the Rock, but the calendar is featuring what is essentially just another episode. The release of Destination: Nerva this week is an actual "event" to some in the Doctor Who community.

So how do we, or any Entertainment wiki, go about nominating content for the calendar?

czechout@fandom    fly tardis  <span style="">20:22: Mon 16 Jan 2012 

Since a request page isn't up yet (that I can see), you might just want to use Special:Contact/general. —Airhogs777 WCB WS 20:29, January 16, 2012 (UTC)
I agree, but also Entertainment is a pretty BIG category. I think it should have some subcategories to make the calendar more relevant to a wiki. SereneChaos 23:25, January 16, 2012 (UTC)
It definitely needs sub-category or a better theme-division to match up each wiki's subject. For example, for a manga/anime/cartoon wiki events regarding tv series or movies are just out of the wiki subject. I don't want to necessarily remove them, but obviously events regarding the same subject are more interesting for the wiki users (if you think about it, other events will just take viewers away from your wiki-theme-network). I can guess it's still new and needs some adjusting, so I hope the staff will consider this suggestion and will enlighten us on how it works (and how we can use it). leviathan_89 00:00, 17 January, 2012 (UTC)
I like how Google News lets you sort results by your own personal priority (I know all search engines can do that, but I like the way Google News does it in specific), maybe a system like that would make it a little more relevant? Or maybe wiki admin should be able to customize the subcategory that shows up by default? —Airhogs777 WCB WS 00:04, January 17, 2012 (UTC)