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Forums: Admin Central Index General Questions How do I go about getting Bureaucrat Status?
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The wiki I am the admin of is finally starting to get more traffic, which comes with the downside of more vandalism. One of the frequent editors suggested that I apply for Bureaucrat status so I could promote some trusted users to help combat the vandals. I asked a few questions and was directed to these admin forums.

So where must I apply for the promotion to Bureacrat? thanks alot. {{SUBST:Admin sig}} 13:43, March 9, 2012 (UTC)

If you couldn't get in touch with a local bureaucrat, you could ask for rights here.
--Dser (wall | email) 13:47, 3/9/2012
It would also help to know the wiki you are referring to. Make sure to read the guidelines below carefully before attempting to adopt the wiki.
  • Is the wiki inactive?
  • No sustained editing by other users. If there are other users please start a blog post or other public discussion of new leadership before making your request and allow users at least a week to respond.
  • Admins have been inactive for 60 days or more
  • Are you eligible to adopt?
  • You have not founded, adopted, or been given admin access on another wiki in the last 60 days
  • You have not been blocked on another Wikia project
  • Are you contributing to the wiki's content?
  • You have edited on the wiki for at least a week (the more the better)
  • You have created at least one new page (the more the better)
  • You are currently editing the wiki
  • Are you building the community?
  • You make an effort to talk to other users -- you've left friendly and encouraging messages on user talk pages and responded to questions on article talk pages, forums, or blogs.
  • You keep the wiki looking well-tended and up to date -- update news sections, add new pictures and videos related to the topic, etc.
-- Fandyllic (talk · contr) 13 Mar 2012 11:42 AM Pacific

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