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Forums: Admin Central Index General Questions How do I promote someone on my wiki to admin?
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Go to Special:UserRights on your wiki.--GodPray  03:45,1/17/2012 
You do want to make sure you only promote them to admin, and not to bureaucrat. Admin you can fire; bureaucrats can only be de-opped by Wikia staff. A common mistake new bureaucrats/founders make is to simply copy the user rights that they themselves have. When you give someone bureaucrat status, though, you're essentially making them your irrevocable equal. Though it doesn't happen often, this can then lead to your new bureaucrats promoting people of whom you don't approve, and before you know it, you've completely lost control of the wiki you've founded. So take care to give only those rights that you really need to give in order to maintain your wiki efficiently. See also Help:User access levels. czechout@fandom    fly tardis  <span style="">17:03: Tue 17 Jan 2012