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I'm an admin on the Fastmail wiki, which is plagued with the problem of people abusing it as an image repository. Hence I would like to customise the image upload page so that it includes the message "Images must be relevant to Fastmail — any other image uploaded will be deleted without further warning, and may result in the uploader being blocked". (I've deleted two "get-rich-quick" spam images, and an image of a waterfall that was being abused as an excuse to vandalise pages; for all other suspect images, I've given the uploaders 28 days to come up with a reason why their images shouldn't be deleted — assuming they follow their own talk pages, and if they don't it's not our problem.)

However, I've looked on the "Special:AllMessages" page for the page used to display the upload message, and can't find it; it doesn't appear to be any of the pages whose names start with wikiaPhotoGallery- as I would expect. Annoyingly, the search on the AllMessages page only allows search for page-name prefix (and it only finds a string which occurs at the start of the name, not within it), not for contents; so I can't find the page by searching for its text, and it (unsurprisingly) doesn't appear to be reachable from the standard namespace, even by an admin, so using the general-purpose search can't find it either.

Does anyone know what this page is called, so I can create the custom version? — RobertATfm 12:09, May 19, 2012 (UTC)

Well, it's not just one message. The big one is MediaWiki:uploadtext. This message displays when you go to Special:Upload or Special:MultipleUpload. However, because that's not the only way you can upload a pic anymore, you'll also want to change:
  • MediaWiki:successfulupload - the message that displays after a multiple upload. You can warn people again that their uploaded messages need to be relevant to your project.
  • MediaWiki:note, a message that appears when you try to upload directly from the editing page by clicking the "photo" button under "add featurs and media"
  • MediaWiki:Uncategorizedimages-summary, a note you can put on MediaWiki:Uncategorizedimages. Most people trying to use your wiki as an image repository won't bother with adding an appropriate license from the dropdown menu created by MediaWiki:Licenses. These licenses typically add categories, so if there is no license, there is no category. Thus most things in Special:Uncategorizedimages can assumed to be "bad". This message can serve as yet another point of public notice that you intend to delete. Not quite sure why it's showing up as a redlink on this wiki, but here's a usage example from my wiki.
  • MediaWiki:wmu-upload - this is one of two messages that appear in the "lightbox" way of adding images — that is, the method that occurs when you try to upload from the button that's in the right column of most pages.
  • MediaWiki:wmu-upload-image - this is the second of the messages under "add new photo".
I think there's one more that I never found — maybe it's adding a pic by way of gallery and/or slideshow in the editing window. But this covers a lot of the ground. If you changed all these, it would be an indicator that you made a good faith effort to warn people that you were going to delete stuff. Don't forget to actually create and image policy in which you clearly explain your intent. And you'll probably want to create a forum post on the matter, as well as alter MediaWiki:Community-corner to make an announcement where you link to your (new?) policy page and forum posting. czechout@fandom    fly tardis  <span style="">13:27: Sat 19 May 2012 
Thanks for the pointers, and sorry I haven't replied before now — it turns out that the message most often displayed (when the "Add a photo" button in the "<n> Photos on this Wiki" widget is clicked) isn't any of the above, and it took me a long while to find it; it's MediaWiki:Oasis-upload-photos-title. Now changed all relevant pages that I know of, including this one and our Image Use Policy. — RobertATfm 23:07, May 29, 2012 (UTC)