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Forums: Admin Central Index Technical Help I got my IP adress banned from editing, just because I published some edits on my account, help!
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Please help me, I was just only editing my account and then I clicked the publish button, and suddenly it tells be that I have been blocked from making any more edits.


The block was made by Abuse filter.

Reason given: Automatically blocked by abuse filter.

Description of matched rule: Common Vandalism

Start of block: 08:42, October 22, 2011
Expiry of block: infinity
Intended blockee: CaptainAlliance
Block ID: #1060
Current IP address:

I only PUBLISHED MY PROFILE AFTER MAKING EDITS TO IT. HOW DID I GET MY IP ADRESS BANNED FROM ONLY EDITING AND PUBLISHING? I only added new info about me, and some external links of my youtube channels. What's the problem? —This unsigned comment is by CaptainAlliance 22 (wallcontribs) . Please sign your posts with ~~~~!

If you are sure that no vadalism was included, then you must report that here: w:c:vstf:Report:Spam_filter_problems.  Telinc1  Talk  Email Me  Contribs  Telinc`s Wiki  09:09,10/22/2011 09:09,10/22/2011