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Forums: Admin Central Index Getting Started Is there a need for a one stop shop for admin tools/ templates/ user experience?
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I recently stumbled upon the wiki admin tools but after some discussion with some of the bureaucrats there they very much disliked the idea that this wiki would become a one stop shop for admins trying to improve their wiki with the best possible idea's, very nice templates, good ways to improve the user experience and thus the ability to make people get a wow feeling when coming to the wiki, or get caught by the wiki editing virus. Even worse, they thought implementing all kind of rules and restricting people their editing was the way to go.

I myself however have a strong feeling that, unlike the help wiki, a one stop shop for admins is currently not present or easily to be found.

I would like to know if people on community central have a feeling that they also lack easy access to a wiki about basic and advanced templates with clear description how to use (snippets of) that, high quality idea's about improving user experience (for instance: did you know that you can add a message when users are creating a new page to help them with advice? Do you know how to easily change usergroup names? Do you know how to easily change the welcoming message and user profile page for new users? How to install a multi timezone clock at your wiki? Or have adjustable pop-up screens when hovering over text?)

I would love to hear if you think i am wrong in my impression that this isn't available right now. And i would love to hear if you think it's needed. If it is, i am willing to start one up and put some time into that to make it grow into an amazing play ground for new, advanced and very experienced admins. Like a fairy tale dreamworld with all kinds of inventive idea's how to make your wiki even better then you thought possible.

Hope to hear from you!

Not sure if I understand correctly, but if you'd like a central place for all admin activity - from useful templates, through tips and ideas, possibility to play around with admin features, additional tools, access to MediaWiki pages and ending with a communication feature then I don't think this is a good idea. It would just be too big and hard to navigate and maintain.
I like that there are separate wikis/pages for different types of admin needs:
  • Admin Tools Wiki
  • Dev Wiki
  • Help Wiki
  • Logo Creation Wiki
  • Various test wikis
  • and of course Community Central
all serve different purposes and I'd rather see them separated. Sovq 18:27, October 5, 2011 (UTC)
Thanks for your opinion and it's noted. You disagree with the idea to make it easy to navigate and bring the content of several hard to figure out wiki's together into one wiki so it's easier to understand and apply, without needing to extensively search and digg around wikia to find what you need.
Clear, altough i am completely on the opposite of the spectrum that i think it is very well possible to bring it together, make it easy to use, well documentated and well understandable by a large audience.
Thanks for your opinion tough. (this comment was added by me but somehow my user got logged out).