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To those who may wish to help,

I am attempting to create a wiki for a local group. This group is not exclusive, but is "private" in the sense that there is some formal structure to it. Because of this, and the fact that this group is somewhat religious in nature (it is a group of Christians in the local area) I would appreciate being able to make this wiki "private." By this I mean, require a person to be a member for any editing or commenting whatsoever. I would prefer to not unintentionally start some flame war because someone with differing viewpoints saw the wiki.

I have seen other wiki's with this setup, mostly for clans based off certain video games. While certain segments are viewable to anyone, some pages are private and any posting on forums or editing needs an approved account. How do I set this up?

Thank you so much for your time and consideration. I know that there are often rules with forums like these, and will attempt to learn them, but as this is my first serious attempt at a wiki, I appreciate your understanding if I accidently voided one like post this in the wrong spot or something.

Thank you again and sincerely,


Hi, Wikia does not offer private wikis. You cannot prevent anyone from reading particular pages -- all pages are open to all viewers. However, there are some (very rare) Wikia wikis where users must be registered in order to edit. In short, what you're wanting to do is likely not possible on Wikia. However, it certainly wouldn't hurt to send an email to staff using Special:Contact -- they can answer your questions definitively. Ultimately though, I think you'll need a different service provider. 20px_Rin_Tohsaka_Avatar.png Mathmagician ƒ(♫) 04:00 UTC, Fri, 27 July 2012

I see. Apperantly I was thinking of webs. Thank you for you help.