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Is there any way to increase the number of choices that are allowed by sliders? Currently, as you know, it's just 4, which makes it entirely impractical for wikis that cover a large amount of material. Is there some technical reason that number needs to be limited when slideshows aren't? Is there some js out there that gets around this limitation? czechout@fandom    fly tardis 20:24: Thu 01 Nov 2012

It's limited to four because only four images will fit in the space without some sort of scroll bar. As far as I know, it doesn't support horizontal scrolling so even if you did cram more images into it, it wouldn't work properly. In any case, the server filters the <gallery> so putting more than 4 images into it doesn't work. The only way around that would be to construct the element tags manually using DIV, UL and LI directly in the page code. I've tried this and you can get it to accept more images but it reacts badly, things start piling up and stacking on top of each other.
If you really want to use a sliding gallery with more images then you are probably going to need a custom widget. There are various JavaScript image gallery widgets on the net so you may be able to find one that you can import, but they will probably need tweaking to play nicely with wikicode. [You could ask Wikia to make their gallery code better, but I wouldn't bet on that happening in a timely fashion] Lunarity 21:07, November 1, 2012 (UTC)