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Some time ago i noticed the template we are using at the front page of Swords and Potions wiki has moved a bit.
The template however has not been changed nor has any alteration to the page made the template move. I think it had to do with an update (confirmed by Wikia Staff, they moved to HTML 5 with a recent update) which also affected autocomplete on the wiki among other things.

Can anyone here tell me how to restore it back to it's original position in the middle of the page?
I haven't made the template so i really cannot tell how to do that myself. The user which made it has gone away from the wiki for some time and i can't reach him anymore (have tried on other channels).
Please help. Thanks heaps!

I added some margin:auto styling to one of the blocks in the template. Hopefully this fixed the issue. Sovq 16:10, July 25, 2012 (UTC)
It sure did. Thanks for helping out. Wikia Staff didn't know the answer and so this is very great to see it solved.