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I figured out how to add US and Int'l (parent level menu items) to the menu on the RAOGK wiki ... however, cannot for the life of me figure out how to add the potential two layers of submenus … the child and grandchild menu items.

Expanded Wiki Navigation indicates you can have 4 top (parent level) menus, each top menu could have 7 submenus (child level) , and the submenus could have a max of 10 items (grandchild items) in the drop down.

Using USA (parent level) as an example, I'd like to break USA into five child-level menu items: NE, SE, SW, NW, Midwest, etc. and have 10 states (grandchild level menu items) listed under those items. (I have state pages for each of the 50 states).

Do I need pages for NE, SE, SW, NW, etc?

I posted above on Admin Forum:MediaWiki Navigation but the responses didn’t help me … or maybe I’m not understanding the responses.

  • One response was “You can make items in the navigation do nothing when clicked” by using , around the item.
  • Another responded with “Don't use tags to make a navigation label not a link. Instead, use a number sign (#) and a pipe symbol before the label” and an example of *#|NE.

Here’s what’s in my Top Navigation page looks like:

*Find_a_Volunteer|USA Vols
*Find_a_WorldWide_Volunteer|Int'l Vols
*Wiki Content
**#newlychanged#|Recently Changed Pages
**Top Categories

Could someone provide a few lines of sample code for maybe NE ... with a couple of NE states in the dropdown menu: Maine, Rhode Island.

Once I see the code, I'm sure I can follow it and implement it. I’m not asking anyone to do the whole thing for me (just some sample code) … I’ll learn by doing.

As was mentioned in the previous forum, you don't need to have a page named "NE", etc - you can use the code "#|menu name" (example below) if the page doesn't exist.
So, in the menu - each single starred line represents the top level of the menu, a double starred line means the level below that, and 3 stars means the level below that, so if you wanted to add NE below USA Vols, you'd add;
*Find_a_Volunteer|USA Vols
***Rhode Island
(You can see this code in action on my test wiki)
Where "NE, Maine, Rhode Island" are names of pages on the wiki. If you want to have the link show up with a different name add a "|" to the middle (like it's done in the original code, (Find_a_Volunteer|USA Vols) links to the page "Find a Volunteer" with the link title being "USA Vols").
Hope this helps, and feel free to reply with clarifications with what you meant and I'll see if I can help -- RandomTime 19:11, April 2, 2012 (UTC)
Alright then. This should fit your needs:
***Link to State 1|Name of State 1
***Link to State 2|Name of State 2
***Link to State 3|Name of State 3
*#|Content 2
*#|Content 3
By the way, this menu is just a template to help you, not a full list of items to put into your navigation. This should be enough to help you. Thanks for listening. EpicWikipedian 19:17, April 2, 2012 (UTC)
Thank you sooooo much ... that worked!!
Cowantex 21:20, April 2, 2012 (UTC)