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topic;dyslexia and the technical support. dyslexis is something i know because itis something i am. it is diffuicult to be yourself. what a dyslexics needs the world has yet to offer. to give to a dyslexic is to give all! everything you have .mostly longevity towards the client and or patient.dyslexia is a outcomebased type of existence. since we have no memory there is dread every step of our existence. you learn in a very slow way kind of way,you process infirmation slowly but you results are are very emotional as a person,painfully shy,within in your own prison ,you believe you are never good enough to except a compliment. the one thing about dyslexics they have a heart of pure gold. which in my behavioral studies sets them apart from the masses. lets take the average dyslexic. this is a sample of Dyslexic writer. spelling ,we dont choose how to spell .the letters just dont look like they are in the right order.or something ever! sequencing is a puzzle, reading a book, looking at the computer,things that you do with your fine motor.never quiet sync up. i aim to educate those who understand dyslexics should never be left alone until the feel safe. that is a feeling ,emotional people dont want you to focus on because the average person has no clue about dyslexics i hear and see it everyday. mis judged because we have to process longer. but instead of compassion all we get is what lil orphan annie got The hard knock life: .as much as i am , if people could understand how dyslexia affects them and their tendencies all of gifted people would not be killing themselves and being voilent and turning their backs on the a dixie or dixon is a person diagnosed with dyslexia tendencies. our societies people in our culture display signs of dyslexia without a clue. more to come dixie