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This page appears when I click edit..on page made through layouts. What's the point of this when it's impossible to edit anything besides categories?

Fix please??

DAVE-xKevin-Talk Page 21:25, January 15, 2012 (UTC)

The layout is probably incorrectly built, so any page that uses the layout is missing editable elements, since the layout itself didn't specify any. ForestMonthZero 06:21, January 16, 2012 (UTC)

Adding to my own frustration here on this issue, new users have been creating these pages with the page creation tool, and my only solution to getting rid of these pages is to put them into a "black hole" of pages of sorts. Simply deleting them with the "delete" button as an admin is not sufficient to kill whatever is happening here, as deleting the page then trying to simply create a new page simply puts the whole templating feature back to that same page (even if you create the page through other means like a red link instead of the page creation tool).
My solution is to move each page created in this manner to something called "Test" (I could have used another name, but it was generic enough that it would be easy to remember and wouldn't ever be used on the wiki) and then delete the page. I kept doing that for each and every page, showing that I keep moving then deleting the page in one huge heap of pages that are all deleted under the same name. At that point I can edit the redirect and simply create the page content in another manner.
Seriously, this is far more work than should be for an admin, much less a skilled user, and it doesn't really seem to work as advertised. Perhaps the "templates" are faulty, at which point I wouldn't mind just simply killing the feature from the wiki altogether myself. --Robert Horning 02:21, January 16, 2012 (UTC)
You need to delete the layout if you want to get rid of it. The page creation tool will allow the layout to be used if it isn't deleted. ForestMonthZero 06:20, January 16, 2012 (UTC)
Yah, but if you delete the layout format, pages created with it are reduced to undreadable rubbish. At least when I looked at the whole pre-formatting "tool" it was more "good idea" than practical solution. It seemed to be creating pages as more or less templates, which means if you remove the underlying template code, you're left with a bit of a mess. This inflexibility is especially worrying, because it means that you can't really change the format once you've created it, or you risk losing your content. I dunno, maybe it's gotten better, but it certainly wasn't a very "future-proof" feature when it debuted. czechout@fandom    fly tardis  <span style="">19:23: Mon 16 Jan 2012 
Short answer is don't use the layout builder. I heard tell from a staff member that the feature will likely be going away soon. In the meantime, the best way to avoid this is to copy the pages that were built through the layoutbuilder, paste them onto a word document, disable the layout builder, then paste the saved copies into the pages and fix the formatting errors.--GodPray  19:28,1/16/2012