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I'd like to change the color of category links.

category:thisdefinitelydoesnotexist shows up as a bluelink even though it doesn't exist and isn't populated. I'd like that to be red.

category:thiswasnotcreatedbutispopulated shows up as a bluelink, but was never created, its only populated. I'd like that to show up as purple or red.

category:thiswascreatedbutnotpopulated shows up as a bluelink, but has no categorized content, however someone did create it. I'd like it to show up as darkblue or blue.

category:thiswascreatedandpopulated shows up as a bluelink, it is a standard category having been created and populated. Having this as blue is fine.

What CSS/JS do I need to change to do that?

Am I allowed to do sitewide coloring defaults according to this scheme? If not, which parts aren't allowed?

I assume this is possible, since redirects-in-categories are defined by their own class, so I expect unpopulated categories and uncreated categories to also have them, and possibly uncreated-unpopulated categories.

ForestMonthZero 10:08, November 21, 2011 (UTC)

.newcategory {
  color: #CC2200 !important; /* or your color of choice */
Will make non-existent category links red (regardless if they're populated or not). You can color existing category links through the theme designer like all other links. However, the above fix can only be used in your personal CSS pages, not wiki-wide. See this thread for details. Sovq 11:58, November 21, 2011 (UTC)
From that thread, I gather that Wikia wants categories that have things categorized into them as bluelinks; since they have content and therefore "exist" in some sense, so are not like redlink articles which have no content at all. That doesn't cover the case of categories that don't exist and have no content. (hell, all the links I listed here should be red, since they have nothing categorized in them on Central)
ForestMonthZero 05:23, November 22, 2011 (UTC)
The change described in the linked thread makes all category links have the same color, regardless if they exists or not or if they're populated or not. The compromise Wikia introduced, only for personal use, was the .newcategory class, which will color links for category pages not created (so all of the ones you linked above). From a styling perspective there is no difference if a category is populated or not. Sovq 06:59, November 22, 2011 (UTC)