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Is it possible to use some css code to allow a wiki to switch between different background images depending on either the date or a template. For example, on F1 wiki, I'd like to change the background depending on which F1 Grand Prix is coming up next. It currently shows a picture of the Circuit de Catalunya (for the Spanish Grand Prix) and I would like it to change to the Monaco pic as soon as the Spanish event has finished. Is this possible, or would I have to change Wikia.css manually each time?

MTracey1 PSN/XBL: Mackem1985 {{SUBST:MTracey1Sig}} 04:16, April 26, 2012 (UTC)

You could try:
.page-pagename body
background:transparent url(image url) top center repeat;
Replace "pagename" with the page name that you would like to change. If it's for a entire namespace, change "page-pagename" to "ns-namespacenumber", and replace "namespacenumber" with the number of the namespace. Also, remember to replace the "image url" with the url of the image you would like to use Sam Wang (talk) 04:53, April 26, 2012 (UTC)