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Hi BulldozerD11 here

I'm trying to clean up the Files/images on the Tractor Wiki (as during looking at some of the unused/uncategorised files I'm found we have accumulated a fair number with no license tags) and as part of a general spring clean would like to get all the files with no license in one category by adding {{tl|No license}} tag to them. Is it possible with say AWB to find them and tag them ? Once they are in a suitable collection category its easier to rewiew them individually or ask the uploader to clarify the status. BTW Can AWB be set up to also post a message to the uploader ? (as appears to happen on Wikipedia with various bots patroling new pages or Uploads ?)

And as part of the cleanup, as most of these have non descriptive names, I'd also like to add the Information template (as used on commons/wikipedia) to pages missing it (new uploads now get it automatically thanks to code posted in the forum) but would like to know how do you set up AWB to add it to existing pages so you just fill in the data fields with data relavant to that image, i.e description, source, original creator, uploader (can AWB get this from the files history page data ?), and permission fields for each image as it goes through a category list of files.

I have used AWB in the past to add or move categories and Navboxes but dont know how to do more advanced stuff with it.

-   BulldozerD11   talk    contribs    email   15:50, February 25, 2012 (UTC)