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Hello, my name is Axel and I have recently created .

I've got terrible problems with the top navigation menu: Even if I have written the right links in the menu tree (editing it as Admin), there are wrong links in the menu. For example "download" should be "Download" and in the submenu "The Mod" there's a link called "Content is avaible under $1." which I haven't created. My menu tree is this:

  • The_Mod|The Mod
    • Features|Cool Features
      • Light_Sabers|Light Sabers
      • Spaceships|Spaceships
      • Mobs|Creatures
      • Tubes|Tubes
      • Power_net|Power net
    • Compatibility|Compatibility
    • Copyright|Copyright
  • Download|Download
  • Installation|Installation
  • The_Team|The Team
    • Newmangamers
    • SamusChief
    • The_Soho
    • Manu
    • Zebo1
    • 2k10

What am I doing wrong? Thanks for the help and replies,


I'm not sure at all of what I'm saying, but try this:
*The Mod
**Features|Cool Features
***Light Sabers
***Power net
*The Team
**The Soho
  1. You don't need to put the same name twice when the page name is identical to the link name.
  2. If you put just Copyright, it will redirect you to MediaWiki:Copyright, unless you create the Copyright article.  Cafeinlove msg 2012.06.16. 10:43 (UTC)