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Hi! I have made a wiki about fandubbing lately. To make sure people will be able to easily use it and add their fandubs to the database I created the wiki on templates. Each page consists of 2 pre-defined templates: You just enter the info into them (like "singer" and "video link") and it is automatically added in good look.

I did this all so that wiki-noobs wont have problems in adding their songs as well.

Now to the problem: Strangely the Search engine does not find anything, which is put in the templates :\

So for example if the song name is put in the template- the Search engine cannot find a page containing it. Any clues how I can cure it?

Here is a link to example song page:

Look outside the box. What you see? ~Seraskus 13:31, February 2, 2013 (UTC)