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Yesterday we launched our first ever Wikia Webinar! We split it in 4 sections:

Sarah Manley first talked about what an admin is, I then walked the attendees through a virtual tour of the Admin Dashboard and Sarah wrapped it up with when, why and how to go about granting rights to admins. We then opened it up to questions.

You can watch and listen below if you missed it:

Wikia Webinars - Admin Tools & Tips41:22

Wikia Webinars - Admin Tools & Tips

Are you a wiki admin looking to learn more about your tools and rights? Then listen to this tour of the admin dashboard, wiki features and user rights.

One of my favorite parts of the webinar were the tips we received from users like you guys!

  • Do you have more tips to add?
  • Do you have a question?
  • What kinds of webinars would you like to see in the future?
  • Have any feedback in general?

Leave a comment below and we can get this thread going! --Meighan WikiaStaff.png (help forum | blog) 01:43, October 7, 2011 (UTC)

Can you please add timespots where the different parts start? (I know that you can add for instance &t=120 (for 2 minutes into webinar) at the end of the Youtube weblink) The background slides really aren't helpfull at getting to parts which might be interesting. Also: this might be good to add to admin related wiki's so that they can make it easier for newbie admins to have a grasp of what is asked from them. I have collided at different wiki's with users about the fact that i found their wiki all but userfriendly for newbie admins, and that it currently is really hard to figure out where to find the interesting parts you might want to insert into your wiki as admin (templates, user experience related items, helpfull things, nice additions like clocks, userboxes and such). Already started a bit of looking into how to solving this.
Another tip for the upcoming webinars: try to insert tooltips or something so that people know who is talking, the subject of the explenation and the length of the subject (i know, a bit of work, but would make such webinars really awesome and handy to use, hence, i know there are quite a lot of things possible to add to a youtube video, like chapters, comments, translations, and much more).