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Are you an admin looking for a new community? Or maybe a user who has considered becoming an admin? Look no further. We have plenty of communities that need rescue! Every month we feature new wikis that have been spiffed up and are ready for adoption. To learn more about the process and requirements, read our About section below.

Recommended Communities

Below is a list of verticals for wikis we are currently seeking admins for. These are communities that have had a recent media (game, movie, tv show, etc) release or has a release or launch in the future. If you have or know of a community you think would fit this program, or any community that would benefit from an Adopt This Wiki badge, you can submit your request here.

Featured Communities


Hunt Showdown Wiki

Hunt Showdown cover image1

Quick Facts
  • Vertical Type: Games
  • Publisher: Crytek/Steam
  • Genre: First Person Shooter
  • Release Date: 2/22/2018


The world of Hunt: Showdown is dark and dangerous. The 1k x 1k map has no lack of creatures, and zombie-like humans who desire to devour your flesh and soul. The map holds up to 5 PVP teams of two, so a total of 10 players can be on the map at one time, all competing to kill monsters for gold.


ER Wiki

ER Cover Image

Quick Facts
  • Vertical Type: TV
  • Publisher: NBC
  • Genre: Drama
  • Release Date: 9/19/1994-4/2/2009


Experience the inner workings of County General Hospital ER in Chicago as seen by the doctors and staff that work there.

About the 'Adopt-a-Wiki' Project

Every month new communities are created by both users and staff. Both for the same purpose - to share a fandom. When a user creates a new community, it's assumed that they plan to stay around to both grow the community and also to engage with users of the same interest. Sometimes interest wanes, or life happens and the communities are abandoned. Wikis are left to survive on their own, hoping that one day, someone will come along and adopt them.

When FANDOM staff creates a new community it is generally to celebrate a new release of a game, or a tv show, or the latest movie or whatever it is we are excited about. We put a pretty bow on them and display them in hopes of attracting the right owner. Someone who will care for them and help them grow. Occasionally we find communities abandoned by someone else and we fix them up too. Especially if they have a release or launch of some sort coming up that directly relates to the community. 

Ultimately the goal is to find new admins for these communities. It won't be quite as simple as handing you a puppy, but with a little work on your part, and some on ours, that adoption could happen before you know it! There is a process to adoption. You can find the details on our Adoptions page. We need admins who are willing to be active on their adopted communities. If you have questions on editing, being an admin or need help on a specific project, we are here for you. You can find help by searching our knowledgeable articles on Community Central . Can't find the answer you want? Try the friendly group of users in Community Central Chat, or leave a message at Special:Contact. If you happen to see one of us editing on your community, don't be afraid to reach out on our message walls. We are happy to help our admins!