Adoption requests Camp Aztec Roleplaying Wiki

Username: Brocky292


Amount of Edits: 7 (I only joined a week ago and nobody has been on chat and no wiki activity)

I have been there for 1 week

Last Time An Admin Edited: A month ago to say that he is leaving.

Any Info: Well I joined this wiki a while ago and it seemed fun. It is a camp for demigod children of the Aztec gods. I liked the idea so I made a claim. But when I looked at the other claims no admins looked at them, so I waited and waited and sent the founder a message but he hasn't responded yet.

Hi. I'm sorry but you are not currently eligible to adopt this wiki as you have recently started several other roleplaying wikis. You can only adopt a wiki if it has been at least 60 days since you created or gained admin rights on any other wikis. Please feel free to ask again when you can meet all of the adoption criteria; right now that would be after March 12th. -- Wendy (talk)@fandom 03:52, January 12, 2013 (UTC)