Adoption requests Cars Race-o-Rama Wiki

What is your username? Lightening McQueen

Please link to the wiki here: Cars Race-o-Rama Wiki

How many edits have you made on that wiki? 57 edits and counting

How many days/months have you been editing there? 1 week and 3 days

On the Special Pages -> Special:ListUsers when was the last time an admin edited, and who was it? AdamGregory03 - 16:02, December 24, 2010

Any other information: AdamGregory03 is the only admin on the wiki and hasn't been active for a few years. I know that I need to make edits on the wiki for at least a week, and I'm hoping that I will have by the time I seem to have finished cleaning pages and new ones.

Unofficial response: (Please wait for an official response by a staff member)
Hi, you have adoption requests for several wikis right now, but you can only adopt 1 wiki within a 60 day period, according to the adoption guidelines. Please choose which wiki you want to adopt, as you can't adopt more than one at the same time. Here are the 4 wikis you currently have open requests for:
20px_Rin_Tohsaka_Avatar.png Mathmagician ƒ(♫) 00:18 UTC, Saturday, 9 February 2013
I think I probably choose Pixarplanes Wiki, as I've been editing on it for more than a week now. --Lightening McQueen (talk) 21:58, February 9, 2013 (UTC)
Closing so we can concentrate on 1 adoption request. Rappy @fandom 21:39, February 10, 2013 (UTC)
I think I choose my next one to be Cars The Video Game Wiki. --Lightening McQueen (talk) 21:24, February 11, 2013 (UTC)
Unofficial response: (Please wait for an official response by a staff member)
I'm sorry, but you've already adopted a wiki recently. You must wait 60 days before create a new adoption request.    ǝsʞpɐןǝ  (message wall)  20:55, 13 February 2013