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Adoption requests Dinosaur Types Wiki

Rex Fan 684

I've fixed the Baryonyx page, the Spinosaurus page, and adjusted the Main Page. I also added a Tyrannosaurus rex page.


September 11, 2011, Dracone Dinosaur

Most of the information used is wrong and the site has many issues regarding morality and general behavior.

Unofficial response: (Please wait for an official response by a staff member)
Hello, in order to adopt the wiki, you need to edit a few times a every day or two for at least a week. You've made several comments, but to adopt, you need to edit. Good luck with editing. UltravoX (talk) 11:32, October 18, 2013 (UTC)
Hi. UltravoX is correct -- in order to adopt the wiki you need to edit there regularly for at least a week. Please start working on the wiki again and we will check back once more. -- Wendy (talk)@fandom 02:59, October 28, 2013 (UTC)
Hi again. I am closing this request as you have made no further edits to the wiki. Please feel free to ask again when you have more time to work on it! -- Wendy (talk)@fandom 03:39, November 10, 2013 (UTC)