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Adoption requests GrindanScape Wiki

What is your username? Lady Tinder

Please link to the wiki here:

How many edits have you made on that wiki? 26, But I am editing as we speak

How many days/months have you been editing there? around 3 days

On the Special Pages → Special:ListAdmins when was the last time an admin edited, and who was it? Last login: February 18th 2014 / Last edit: January 23rd 2014 / Admin name: Smartnass(only admin on the page)

Any other information:

Our community (the grindanscape community) actively uses the website but recently we have decided to move on to a different platform we have discussed this and we recalled an old wikia oage that was made for us , so we decided to re-use the page but unfortunately the admin had long left our community and we have 0 ways of contacting him.

after debating among ourselves we decided that I should take admin role and appoint suitable others.

Unofficial response: (Please wait for an official response by a staff member)
Hey - Since there are other contributors, Staff needs to see that they support your request. The best way to do that is to make a blog, or forum post, and have the contributors state on there that they support you.
If you have already made one, then you can link it. :)
Shyguy-emoticon.gifJoey (talk)

just wanted to add:

We're having some trouble with trolls so if we could get a reply soon that would be great! —This unsigned comment is by Lady Tinder (wallcontribs) . Please sign your posts with ~~~~!

Unofficial response: (Please wait for an official response by a staff member)
Hello there! If you have issues with an active spammer/vandal/user adding false information, contact the VSTF at their wiki, and they can help you deal with the troublemaker while you wait to receive the rights. Hope everything works out. Shyguy-emoticon.gifJoey (talk)
Hello. I've given you admin and bureaucrat rights. Good luck with the wikia! -- Wendy (talk@fandom 04:07, March 3, 2015 (UTC)

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