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How long I have edited there: 30 days

Last admin to edit and when: null

Other information: Hello I'm Joshua1350 And I Have Been Thinking Lately To Become An Admin Because These Admins In The Game Wont Listen To Me When Trollers/Griefers Come To Me They mess with me i get so mad but i can't do anything exept call for help for an admin they won't ever listen when i call for help and all they do is ignore me so i think ive built myself up and think i should be an admin because i think i can protect this server total freedom and help people in need...thank you if you let me become an admin.

Unofficial response: (Please wait for an official response by a staff member)
I...Uhm. I'm honestly not sure what, if any, wiki you're trying to adopt... But it seems that, as an anon, you're ineligible to adopt anyway.... MasterCeadeus 06:48, December 30, 2013 (UTC)
It looks like you're trying to adopt a server for a game like Minecraft. This can't be done here: Wikia adoption is a process by which users request administrator rights on Wikia wikis, which are repositories of information editable by the community. Perhaps your server has a Wikia wiki, but Wikia Staff can't make you an admin of the server - just the wiki, and even then they can't allow anonymous users to adopt wikis which may or may not exist. I'll close this request. Thisismyrofl (talk) 03:53, January 8, 2014 (UTC)