Adoption requests Joshua Jones Wiki

What is your username? Thomasthetankmoosh

Please link to the wiki here:

How many edits have you made on that wiki? 81, I have fixed most of the bad grammar and will wait and see if I'm accepted before uploading any pictures, but in the meantime i will continue to edit.

How many days/months have you been editing there? Since the start of the week, but as I said, I'll be editing at least 4 times a day.

When was the last time an admin edited, and who was it? The last and only active admin wasLisaSimpson24 on June 13, 2011 (has 4 edits). Yeah.. I think this wiki needs an adoption! :P

Any other information: The grammar on the wiki is absolutely horrible, I am probably the biggest Joshua Jones fan worldwide and am disgusted with the state of this wiki. I have wanted to adopt this wiki for a while, and if I am chosen as admin, I will fix unneeded pages, replace VHS quality screenshots with DVD quality ones, and just clean up generally. I also plan to add a wiki logo and background, custom made by me on Photoshop. There are pages about characters who never even appeared in the series, they were made up by users who don't understand that most wiki's are for CANON content only. There is also a lot of false info. UPDATE, I have removed most of the bad grammar and punctuation etc, only thing left to do is delete the false character pages (which I have to be admin for) then I can start adding images, and everything else (Ie custom background, logo etc :)

Hello. You've done a lot of work over the last week! I've given you admin and bureaucrat rights. Good luck with the wikia! -- Wendy (talk@fandom 05:56, July 30, 2014 (UTC)