Adoption requests MineScape Wiki

Username: WizardCM

Wikia URL:

Current edit count: 101

How long I have edited there: 36 days

Last admin to edit and when: Game rocker, February 18th, 2014 with a total of 16 edits

Other information: The existing admin is incredibly inactive and due to not owning a Minecraft account is unable to contribute in any useful sense due to the Wiki being about the contents and gameplay of a Minecraft server. The Wiki was adopted by the server's playerbase with little control from the server's staff. We saw no reason to attempt to move the Wiki over to a different platform where we could be set up as owners from the get-go because we believe Wikia is perfect for our needs.

I am a staff member on the server the Wiki is about and believe it would be beneficial to the community, and moreso the wiki itself, if it's administered by the correctly associated team. My role on the server is primarily moderator, but also covers construction and server plugin development, meaning I know my way around the server and its functionality. As you may expect, the server staff are a tight-nit group with heavy group communication and high expectations of quality and support.

Side note: The last admin to edit a wiki page did so without any prior knowledge of the server or its functionality, and only returned to the wiki after one of our staff members attempted to contact him. Before then, the Wiki was totally inactive since April 29, 2013, a whole 258 days ago. Total edit count since 2011: 16.

When we began making heavy edits to the contents on the wiki, his initial message to us was this:

"Do your best to make this wiki better than the one that comes up if u search minescape wiki on google. When you search that, make sure you click this site so that it eventually moves to the top of the list. Also, stop spamming my inbox with edits/additions. Just kidding, go for it ;D"

His response to our polite request for administration powers can be found below.

"I dont just make anyone Admin you no? But I will have to eventually. Its up to your boss and myself to decide which lucky 2 players get the status. My decision will be based off who makes the most entertaining and accurate edits. Basically who can actually use a wiki and make it appealable to outsiders.

Seeing as I've never actually played minecraft saved once, i dont suppose you could show me how to get into your server and see what its like?"

Hi. I see he gave two of you admin rights there. Feel free to ask us for bureaucrat rights if he goes inactive again. Good luck with the wikia! -- Wendy (talk)@fandom 03:14, March 21, 2014 (UTC)