Adoption requests Ninjago Fanon Wiki

What is your username? Sketch, Ninja of the Pen

Please link to the wiki here:

How many edits have you made on that wiki? 19 at this moment, which felt like 190 due to the errors I was fixing. -_-

How many days/months have you been editing there? 1.5+ months, activity has been sporadic due to Internet issues.

On the Special Pages → Special:ListAdmins when was the last time an admin edited, and who was it? w:c:ninjago-fanon:User:Newman53 was the last edit on June 11, 2014.

Any other information: This was originally going to be, in effect, a "dual adoption", as I intended to work with Purplebrick333. However, she has not been able to access Wikia for some time. I was perfectly willing to wait for her, but today I got fed up with the issues that I couldn't fix.

I try to ask VSTF when applicable, but there is much more to be done.

I have editing and bureaucrat experience under my alternate personality account, LordWeirdo. I have also observed how a well-operated fanon wiki is run.

As mentioned above, I have had (and still do have) Internet problems, but I can almost always check up on and edit at least once a week. On a wiki with this activity level, that is more than enough.

Danke, Sketch, Ninja of the Pen (talk) 20:13, June 10, 2016 (UTC)

Unofficial response: (Please wait for an official response by a staff member)
You'll need to be consistently editing for at least a week before you can adopt the wiki, so make sure you continue to edit at least once a day before Staff review this. Other than that, you look good. Good luck!--Annabeth and Percy~The present is our future past, we've gotta make this moment last right now. 20:33, June 10, 2016 (UTC)
Hello. Your contributions look good, but you've pretty much only edited on the day you left this request. If you need help changing some of the appearance so the wiki is more readable, please let me know. Otherwise, keep editing as much as you can over the next week and then leave me a message on my wall to check back again. -- Wendy (talk@fandom 06:14, June 11, 2016 (UTC)

Hello. I've given you admin and bureaucrat rights. Good luck with the wiki! -- Wendy (talk@fandom 01:55, July 20, 2016 (UTC)