Hello, I'm Jack, one of the main administrators over at the main english Fallout Wiki. Our wiki has a lot of interwikis linked to it, spanish, german, dutch, russian, the list really just goes on. Our main priority is to maintain these interlanguage wikis and update the scripts, templates, modules, etc. To fit our standars. We have atleast one active bcrat/admin per interwiki to keep everything nice and tidy. But for the swedish interwiki that is not the case. The main admins and bcrats are inactive since far, far back. And as a result no one of the bcrats or admins over at the main wiki have any access to changing scripts or any other additions on the swedish interwiki.

While the swedish interwiki isn't among the "best" interwikis around and the interwiki in its own is very bad. It is still our main priority to keep everything coherent and nice looking. And it also allows us to further combine the main wiki to the interwikis much easier. While I'm aware that I have only recently started adding minor content there it is still my priority to keep the interwikis clean, because they are a part of the Fallout Wiki. Best regards Jackiboy Logo (talk) 18:56, June 5, 2017 (UTC)