Adoption requests Ultra Dragon Ball Answers Wiki

What is your username?

Supreme Kuzon (used to be Kuzey457, or Ultra Kuzon)

Please link to the wiki here:

How many edits have you made on that wiki?


How many days/months have you been editing there?

I edited from May 6, 2012 to June 16, 2012 = so 1 month (it is dead or else I would've edited more).

On the Special Pages → Special:ListUsers when was the last time an admin edited, and who was it?

TeamUnitedNerds, on June 24. He doesn't care for UDB anymore though. And I am the founder therefore I should defaultly have rights.

Any other information:

No one ever really liked the wiki, and there was no point in it, that is why I made it just to make UDBW ( ; but it is about to be merged) a larger place. It slowly died within a week. I am Kuzey457/Ultra Kuzon the founder.

You've made 0 edits at that wiki. If you still wish to adopt this wiki, please edit at it for at least a week. We will check back later on your progress. Rappy @fandom 17:22, August 15, 2013 (UTC)
I have made 125+ edits to that wiki, and it is my wiki anyway, so I don't understand why I have to wait a week to get rights on my own wiki to help some people, but that is not my problem. Whatever. I will do your editing. - Supreme Kuzon (talk) 21:34, August 15, 2013 (UTC)
Oh and, like I said 3 times before, I am Ultra Kuzon (obviously). Check the IP if you don't believe me or ask ALL of my friends on the wikis I am on. - Supreme Kuzon (talk) 01:33, August 17, 2013 (UTC)

Hello. First, there's no reason to take an attitude here. If you're going to request that your account, which has user rights, be disabled in favor of another account, you should first transfer those rights from one account to another. Adoption requests are meant to be for people getting rights on inactive wikis, not getting your rights back after you disabled your account.

That being said, the IPs on Supreme Kuzon/The Lone Nord are similar but do not match those of Ultra Kuzon, so we can't confirm that this is your account regardless—and asking your friends does not count as proof either. If you want to adopt this wiki, then you need to treat this like a normal adoption process and have edits under your new account. Please start editing and we'll check back next week. Thanks. - Brandon Rhea@fandom(talk) 18:16, August 27, 2013 (UTC)

I am closing this request as you have yet to start editing the wiki with your current account. When you are ready to maintain it again, please start working there under your current account and create a new request. -- Wendy (talk)@fandom 22:31, September 4, 2013 (UTC)