Adoption requests Voodoo Vince Wiki

Username: GyroPhysics

Wiki URL:

Current edit count: 99 (Am currently editing)

How long I have edited there: 2 weeks+ (on this account), however I have been on this wiki long before, i estimate at two months.

Last admin to edit and when: Sapien, Jan 15, 2012

Other information: Although My edit no. is very small, my contribution to the wiki is very large. I have made big changes to the homepage and have added multiple pages. I hope to adopt this wiki to ensure that the lore of my favourite game will live on and to fix up some strange things that have happened on the wiki that I cannot change as I am now.

Hi. Your contributions look good and I've given you admin and bureaucrat rights. Good luck with the wiki! -- Wendy (talk)@fandom 05:13, January 23, 2014 (UTC)