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Wikia — The Big (English-language) Wikis
Sure, size isn't everything — but there's certainly a lot to read on these wikis.

Lyrics: Find the lyrics to more than 2,828,000 songs, including the one that's been running through your head.

Wikianswers: More than 850,000 questions are waiting to be answered or improved. Over two-thirds are unanswered.

Speedy deletion Wiki: Over 250,000 articles that Wikipedia thought non-notable but somebody cared about.

Familypedia: The Genealogy and Family History Wiki: Over 162,000 articles and facts and info pages about YOUR relatives.

Marvel Database: Imperious Rex! More than 122,000 articles on Marvel Comics and characters.

Wookieepedia: A wiki with more than 109,000 pages on every Star Wars character, planet and creature.

WoWWiki: A very popular wiki with more than 100,000 articles on the MMORPG World of Warcraft and other Warcraft games.

DC Database: Look! Up in the sky! More than 84,000 articles on DC Comics and characters.

Yu-Gi-Oh!: Rev it up! Over 73,000 articles on the popular Yu-Gi-Oh! franchise.

EverQuest II: The quest continues with more than 67,000 articles about the popular MMORPG.

Vintage Sewing Patterns: More than 65,000 articles about vintage patterns, links to sellers and user reviews.

Wikianswers Anime: Over 48,000 questions asked about Anime, Manga and related subjects.

Proteins Wiki: A community-moderated encyclopedia for proteins, with an emphasis on function and structure, with over 47,000 pages.
The Ice Hockey Wiki: This wiki scores lots of goals, with more than 47,000 pages about hockey teams and players.

Memory Beta: A wiki about Star Trek spinoffs and other non-canon works, clocking in at over 43,000 articles.

Recipes Wiki: Over 42,000 delicious recipes to tempt your taste buds.

FFXIclopedia: Over 42,000 articles about Square-Enix's popular MMORPG, Final Fantasy XI.

Star Wars Fanon: The galaxy far, far away gets a little bit bigger – with over 40,000 pages of Star Wars fan fiction.

Doctor Who: The Doctor Who wiki has over 39,000 articles about the universe of Doctor Who.

Memory Alpha: Over 37,000 Star Trek articles that boldly go where no wiki has gone before.

The Psychology Wiki: An extensive resource for psychologists with over 34,000 articles.

Yu-Gi-Oh! Custom: Over 34,000 pages on custom cards for the Yu-Gi-Oh! series and card game.

Uncyclopedia: Over 30,000 content-free pages, some of which aren't about Oscar Wilde or Kitten Huffing.

RuneScape: Over 25,000 articles on all the monsters, items, skills, and activities that Gielinor has to offer.

The Third Turn: Race around the track on this wiki with over 23,000 pages about NASCAR motorsports.

Hubstar-yellow = 5000+ pages Hubstar-orange = 10000+ pages Hubstar-red = 20000+ pages Hubstar-green = 50000+ pages

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