Found yourself blocked on a wiki? Stay calm! 

Account blocks are usually set by the local admins, and not by Fandom. The name of the blocking admin should be on the block notice you received. Administrators can block users and individual IP addresses (or IP ranges, see here). Blocked accounts will still be able to read the wiki, but will not be able to edit, upload files or add comments (and sometimes, disable talk page access).

If you found yourself blocked, it could be for a number of reasons reasons. Each wiki may have slightly different blocking policies, but in general, blocks are given for:

  • Repeated vandalism.
  • Breaking policies.
  • Adding pages that are copyright violations.
  • Harrasing other community members
  • General wiki disruption

Admins are advised to give a warning to people before banning folks. It is also advisable to allow the blocked user to edit their talk page or message wall so they can respond to their block. Most blocks should be for short periods, especially if IP-based.

If you feel you have been unfairly blocked, please contact the admin who blocked you. Show them the entire message you get when you attempt to edit a page, so that they can make appropriate unblocks if they see fit. A list of admins on each wiki can be found by going to the Special:ListAdmins page on that wiki. If the admin feels you should continue to be blocked, please wait out your block or contribute to a different wiki.

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