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  • Deadcoder

    Hello, I'm Deadcoder. Most of you know me for my work and episode review blog on the Code Lyoko Wiki. But today, I'm blogging about a serious matter that's important to every Wikia user, from anon accounts to Wikia staff, to everyone in between: Security. In this post, I'll post 5 security tips that you can follow to make your communities safer.

    0: Use HTTPS whenever possible. Most links that go somewhere other than the same website start with a set of letters, followed by a colon and two slashes, such as "http://", "https://", or "ftp://". This is the Protocol of the link. Whenever possible, use https instead of http. The difference with https is that the transmission is encrypted and authenticated. This means that third party scum "NSA" h…

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  • ForestFairy

    Hello Wikians,

    From time to time we repeat the topics of our blogs, for the benefit of new users and as a reminder for our old experts, that have been editing on Wikia for a long time. I talk to a lot of Wikians and sometimes ask them for advice, primarily to understand how their communities work. If you look at a community from the outside, it can look quite chaotic! It reminds me of an ant-hill — lots of busy ants — and only if you look from a distance, you can see the structure. Everybody is working towards the same goal, or at least tries to. How does this all come together? You have guessed correctly: With the help of our awesome admin force!

    Instead of just writing a blog and giving you my thoughts, I collected the thoughts of several …

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  • BeyonderGodOmnipotent

    Alright here is a good blog everyone shoulder before starting and or joining a wikia so we start on what is Admin Abuse and how to solve and also avoid it. (Just to clarify this isn't a event that happened to me or is happening to me currently just wanting everyone to see if this happened to them and want to help make wikia a more friendly place.)

    When an administrator in online games, message boards, or servers, misuse their power. Often by becoming power hungry and causing trouble just for their own amusement.

    • Admin: "I locked this so and so page because i dont like the way people edit."
    • Person A: "I think so and so should be allowed to be unlocked because we already discussed this before."
    • Person B: "I have to agree on this subject with Person…

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  • Nerfmaster8

    Thought it might be helpful to new administrators on getting some mentoring help beyond the blogs by Wikia staff and others. This is from my own experience here and essentially all of this works if applied correctly.

    Get familiar with the all of the following, keep in mind these are restricted to sysop/admin only:

    • Special:AdminDashboard
    • Special:Block
    • Special:Unblock
    • Special:UserRights

    you can also access block and userrights via the user's contribution page

    Make sure you know how to block someone (using special:Block, special:BlockList and from their contribution page), unblock someone (using special:Log/block, special:BlockList and from their contribution page), delete a page (blog, thread, comment, article, template, category, image or file), r…

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  • A Graalian

    Page moderator idea?

    April 2, 2015 by A Graalian

    Please read.

    So just like forum moderators, but the same thing for pages. There should be page moderators because:

    1. So they can protect and unprotect the pages for spam.

    2. Delete and restore previously deleted pages.

    3. Its part of admin but why would anyone abuse it? No one would abuse it and people can have rules before promoting a user to one.

    So is this a nice idea? Should we have it? Please leave a comment below of what you think.

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  • Daniel Viglietti

    To All you PLL fans out there, on the Official PLL wiki click here we the admins (DanielViglietti and Tysonjackson) have three spots open for Adminships. All you have to do is follow the guidelines on the Admin Waiting List page on the wiki and create a blog on the wiki about why you should be an admin (details on the waiting list page) and the first 3 will be put on the Waiting List, the others will go on the On Hold page. The admins will review the blog and if you are eligible we will make you an admin, if not you will not become one, but you are welcome to place another request later. So Come On. Join Now. Spots Now Open

    On behalf of all the admins

    DanielViglietti signing off!

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  • Myotragus

    Now, of course, there have been many blog posts, notably by local admins and wikia staff on what makes a good admin, and what criteria there are to chose a good one. However, this is of course in light of the usual encyclopedia wiki, which generally have topics with a limt; i. e. a wiki about a TV show can only have so many pages before building of the wiki is mostly done.

    Now, under these wikis, an admin is kind of like the person running the place. Check for or respond to reported vandilism, go through the Admin Dashboard to check everything every once and awhile, make sure discussions are controled. Of course, an Admin is an integrated part of the community, but still, they more watch over it. Note this paragraph is a very dumbed down on…

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  • Roranoa zoro

    Anime/Manga Hub

    October 11, 2014 by Roranoa zoro

    Hey everyone! I think we need an anime/manga hub or atleast a sub-hub on the updated global navigation considering there are hundreds numerous wikis(active ones) of this kind. If you agree with this,just post us which wiki(anime-manga obviously) are you from.

    Also w:c:onepiece is wrongly categorized as "Lifestyle" instead of "Entertainment",might've been a glitch/mistake.There might be other wikis wrongly categorized too.

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  • Imamadmad

    I originally wrote this blog post as a comment on Sannse's blog post User blog:Sannse/The Zen Admin, but due to its length, it's movement from the original topic of that blog, and one of the replies I got to the comment there, I decided to make it its own blog post.

    I would like to start this message by saying that I absolutely hate using the block button and will try my hardest in most instances to resolve a problem without it, even if it means more anger is expressed in the short term. I just feel that a user is more likely to come back and be productive if problems are talked out rather than just having them banned straight away. I just feel blocking goes against the idea of "assume good faith" unless the user is blatantly and obvious…

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  • Xermano

    Hi all.

    As you can see, I am Xermano, a Wikian who enjoys keeping vandalism off wikis. Along with being a Wikian, I am also a Wikimedian who fights vandalism across Wikimedia projects. I am here today to share my vandalism fighting skills with you.

    I started this blog series because I think that vandalism is no joke and take it very seriously. In this series, I will show you how to classify vandalism, how to report it, how to remove it, etc. Every now and then, I will ask a question in my blogs. The answers will be revealed in the blog the following week.

    I've done enough talking already. Let's get to the fun stuff.

    The most important thing about anti-Vandal work is figuring out what edits good faith edit and which are vandalism. good fai…

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