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  • MoshAbsolute

    Requesting Help...

    August 6, 2016 by MoshAbsolute

    Hi pls help me with a problem, My notifications has been bugging out. Everytime I look at my notifications there seems to be always 1 that's beside the bell, when I hover to it there's a notif. saying "left a new message on's wall". Sometimes it becomes 2 or 3, and whenever I hover on it, old unmessaged threads become visible, also when I open it nothing was ever done to it. Please Help me.

    here's a pic:

    03:54, August 6, 2016 (UTC) Read more >
  • Mika-Miku

    [text like this means in my head]

    • I like trains 
    • Name? Who needs a name with a profile pic like this? [oh ok it's required *types name*]
    • Put dispenser here/Pootis Spencer here/We need a dispenser here 
    • Durp/Derp
    • My name's your face and I care what your taste in music is. 
    • What's 9+10+2? 23! [what if there was twenty three trains?]
    • If you post dumb videos I'm gonna unfollow you. 
    • I'm getting a new computer soon. [soon: I DON'T HAVE IT YET IT'S COMING SOON] 
    • What is {insert thing here} [i do know what it is but i only know half of the description] 
    • YOU SAID HIS NAME WRONG [get it right peeps play underswap and you'll understand my point] 
    • I feel like an idiot but: {something i don't know} 
    • (somebody laughs) (laughs the same way) OH MY GOSH WHAT HAPPENED…
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  • Imnew7373

    This is strange. When I was adding a photo I noticed a error/glitch happening. The language is changed to Russia strangely. 

    Here is a photo:

    Note that the photo has russia languge instead of original languge.  Do you know how this will automatically work back to english? Thanks,

    • Imnew7373 (talk) 19:43, July 23, 2016 (UTC)
    • P.S:The wikia I went was Logopedia.

    It could be hacker destroying this

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  • Candadian Angel~

    Hello. I'm the Candadian Princess, Sabrina (you must know me already though). I am asking for your help for Candadia Wikia, because it just have 21 pages.

    • Fix typos.
    • Add more photos (Hmm, I think those characters should wear fairy clothes, green coloured clothes and some padlock-themed clothes, that would be nice!)
    • Promote the Candadia Wikia.

    Please promote! I will make a Digital Drawing Contest soon. Have fun~!

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  • FreeBot


    July 6, 2016 by FreeBot
    • those bots randomly spawn. sometimes players spawn in the bot. Bots are called something like ´ 3 = e´ or ´ 8 = h. who knows, maybe these are commands.
    • I was bored once, i called myself a bot ( 3 = e). i leaned back on my chair an watched people failing trying to kill me. And even no.2 killed me and ate me. Verry funny tho, im gonna play this the whole day. Man, i should get a life -.-
    • Before killing them, look specific at the name. Sometimes players call themselves 3 = E (example). These are fake. its Anyway, if the ´bot´ is extremely long, its a kind of suspicious. is it longer than your screen.. thats obvious. Is it longer than a just-spawned bot, its also kinda strange. Keep your…
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  • Prettypup01

    Cartoon Mania

    July 5, 2016 by Prettypup01


    Hey wonderful people. This is Prettypup and welcome to my blog. If you havent guessed by the name, I love many cartoons(mostly cartoon network!). This blog is made for all to discuss different topics on the following shows(thumbnails included in the pictures below!!) : We Bare bears( My 2nd fav), Steven Universe(My personal fav), Regular show, The Amazing world of Gumball,Gravity falls, And maybe some Undertale and Fnaf(even though they are games and not cartoons I still love them both!!!) I think that about covers my introduction! So come by and Enjoy my awesome blog! Expect to see a lot of WBB, Undertale, and SU cause like I said, I absoultly love those shows and games!  Also expect more post soon and as my ca…

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  • Husker624


    July 3, 2016 by Husker624

    Hello, I the newest on the block, I hope I find interesting subjects and people. Mjd

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  • Jacronai


    June 13, 2016 by Jacronai

    I have never created a wiki and will experiment with doing so in this space.  I may build this to use for my work (in education) or just for home/fun stuff.  If you stumble onto this site, well, hello!  

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  • Mrmine09

    Creation of Account

    June 2, 2016 by Mrmine09

    This is really a dream come true. I HEART WIKIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Robstarlover

    Hi guys. This is my first blog ever! My name is Haley Genier. I'm going to collage because I want to run my own business one day :) I own 2 cats and a dog. As you can tell by my profile picture I like the ORIGINAL teen titans! :) and by my user name I am a robstar shipper (robin and starfire) I listen any kind of music. My favorite singers is Michael Jackson, Chris Young, Keith Urban. My favorite actors are: Johnny Depp, Scott Menville. I watch a lot of movies. in 2014 I lost my best friend because of heart failure. I miss her very much.

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