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    Bass playing is an art that needs to be mastered, like any other music form. Be it an acoustic guitar, an electric one, a classical guitar or the bass itself, everything demands you to get acquainted with it. The bass guitar is designed keeping two things as the primary motive:

    a)    The desired tone

    b)    The shape of the human body

    Is your way the correct way?

    If you as a bass player wanted to earn through your skills, it is vital to distinguish here that there is no standard way of playing a bass guitar. Instead, a standard result is definitely present and a pro bass player is marked against the sound quality his/her chords are able to produce.

    You can conduct a research on some of the most successful bass players of the music industry.

    What yo…

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    Well, here we are waiting for a game with lots of hype before it gets here. My husband has been following all the updates and videos about EQ Next and we are both hoping it is worth it. I love EQII and play on Antonia Bayle. Altaholic...think I have over a dozen characters on one account. Crafting and decorating are my two favorite aspects of the game, but I do enjoy going out and defeating the "bad guys" as well. Here is hoping it is as good as it looks like it will be!

    Hubby just came in and offered to buy me the Alpha license! Oh boy....have been with EQII for about 6 I want to do this? Anyone else out there doing the Alpha? Should I? Read more >
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    Hi there im Rainbowdash789 but you guys can call me RD789 OR RainbowDasher.

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    August 26, 2013 by ArceusMaster0493


    I am ArceusMaster0493.

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    Ultimate Dark Carnage

    Hello, I am Ultimate Dark Carnage, aka Mr. Carnage, and I am going to let everyone know about my wiki. It is a Dragon Ball Wiki, and I will need to use some editors and/or people who can code to join my wiki. w:c:dragonballultimateroleplaying

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    July 28, 2013 by Qistina
    • YouTube Username: DeadCoffin100
    • Name: Qistina (Kris-ti-na)
    • Joined YT on: January 20th 2013



    Qistina is currently a primary student. During her free time, she would just animate her series, a MMV which might be followed by her series plot or watch Anime. Mostly, she would just find songs to fit her upcoming series. Some of Qistina hobbies are: Animating, listen to OSTs, making Cover of some Anime OST and more.

    These are the Animes and Games Qistina played/watched before, currently playing/watching.


    • Accel World
    • Angel Beats!
    • Beelzebub
    • Clanned
    • Clanned After Story
    • Fairy Tail 
    • Katekyo Hitman Reborn
    • One Piece
    • Sword Art Online (or known as SAO)

    Games (All of these are PS2)

    • Ar Tonelico
    • Kingdom Hearts 1
    • Kingdom Hearts 2
    • Magna Carta: Tears of Blood
    • Persona 3 Fe…

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    Hi This is TeenBeachMovieLelaAndTanner We also have a Facebook type in Teen Beach Movie Lela and Tanner!!!!

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    Wikia Language Brigade

    July 5, 2013 by Yatalu

    Hello, fellow Wikians!

    You may or may not know me, I'm Yatalu from c:hvetshran, c:custom and actually anywhere on Wikia. What I'm here for today is a project I'm launching across all of Wikia, that carries the name Wikia Language Brigade (special thanks to Albugineous for thinking out the name).

    The name kind of says it all, it will be a team (Brigade) of people who work wikifarm-wide (Wikia) to help translate and correct (Language) stuff for wikis. Translation may not only be wiki content, but also news sites or anything the like that may contain information needed for a wiki. Correcting means that some articles may be created by less fluent speakers, who are in need of native/advanced speakers to overlook their stuff.

    In order to participate, all…

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    Hello All! New to the Wikia community here. Recently I find myself looking up for a lot of stuff that appears to land myself in wikia pages. I honestly thought wikia was like another wikipedia page, but it seems like there's more to life than just just sharing facts. 

    Anyways, I'm just blabbing on my day, but I really do hope I can write something interesting. Advice blog, pop culture blog, what did I do today blog, etc I hope that you will follow me in my oddities. :)

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