• RedBomb1

    Hello wikians, this is RedBomb1 here with another blog on a wiki issue. In my first blog I discussed the negative nature of harassment and why one should never resort to it, and in this blog I will be discussing a similar issue that has been ongoing ever since knowledge databases like FANDOM and Wikipedia launched. Specifically, vandalism.

    Vandalism is, to put it simply, blatantly bad-faith edits to pages. It may include the addition of juvenile, deceiving, repulsive, offensive, derogatory, off-topic, or overall inappropriate content, often replacing the accurate information and overriding users' productive contributions.

    Good question. I too have always wondered why people would find it interesting to perform such juvenile acts. There could b…

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  • Lady Aleena

    Starter wiki problems

    November 16, 2017 by Lady Aleena

    Hello. I was shown the new infobox categorization scheme on Starter and was horrified by what I saw. It makes me glad I am not creating a new wiki right now. I would not want to clean up the start wiki's mess right at the start.

    The following categories are on WantedCategories on Starter.

    • Category:Templates/Infobox‏‎ (8 members)
    • Category:Quests‏‎ (2 members)
    • Category:Locations‏‎ (2 members)
    • Category:Items‏‎ (2 members)
    • Category:Events‏‎ (2 members)
    • Category:Episodes‏‎ (2 members)
    • Category:Characters‏‎ (2 members)
    • Category:Books‏‎ (2 members)
    • Category:Albums‏‎ (2 members)
    • Category:Templates/Quote‏‎ (1 member)
    • Category:Templates/Navbox‏‎ (1 member)
    • Category:Policy‏‎ (1 member)
    1. Why are category sub-pages being used to categorize anything?
    2. Why are inf…

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  • FoxyFox2004

    My Big Question (lol)

    November 6, 2017 by FoxyFox2004

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  • RedBomb1

    Hello my fellow wikians. This is RedBomb1 here today with my very first blog post. In this blog, I will be discussing a common infamous topic that has been a problem here ever since FANDOM (at that point known as Wikia) launched: harassment.

    Harassment is the act of saying deliberately offensive/inappropriate remarks toward users as a means to destroy their confidence and discourage them from being themselves. Such reasons people resort to it may include to use it as retaliation against a person, they want to give others the impression that they are better than anyone else and do so by putting themselves above everyone, or they are simply trolls or bullies.

    Harassment is unacceptable because it often destroys the confidence of a certain user, …

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  • Demon pox and mangoes

    So I just finished Clockwork Princess, and for anyone who's reading it right now or hasn't read it yet, the epilouge is heart-wrenching. I think the last time a book made me cry was the first time I read Allegiant. One thing I've learned from reading the shadowhunters chronicles and from reading Percy Jackson, and heck, even from reading Harry Potter, is that authors are all complete assholes. Excuse my language >w

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  • Lady Aleena

    As the admin of a wiki and a writer of articles and lists, I am very aware of the image a wiki can get if their material is all copied and pasted from other sources. Fandom wikis may not be as tight with some rules, but there should be one at the top of every list of what a wiki is not, that wikis here are not thieves.

    I have made it a point to import templates from Community Central to my wiki, and I would import anything else needed. You might wonder why I do not copy and paste. The reason is, I want to make sure the editors of those templates get the proper credit for their work on my wiki too.

    I would do the same for anything else. If I find an article I want on my wiki, I will import it so the editors keep their credit.

    As an editor, I wou…

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  • Nintendogs Moon

    I was unfairly blocked by an admin of the Nintendogs + Cats Fandom page.

    Grounds for this being an unfair action:

    1 - There was nothing in place to state 'before you post' rules.

    2 - Reason for blocking states self-advertisement. This is not the case. It is simply posting of a '100 Puppy Challenge' trend created for N+C YouTubers and mentioned that I was the creator of such challenge. I DO NOT see this as self-advertisement. Simply crediting the original source of the YouTube challenge.

    3 - There was no warning put in place to inform me of the wrong doing, simply jumping right to blocking me from doing anything at all with my Fandom account.

    Because of the above seriously debating whether or not membership of the Wikipedia/Fandom community will…

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  • Lady Aleena

    Hello everyone! Today I want to know what is your favorite wiki editor? Vote and then tell us why. Have a nice day!

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  • BlackCat Satan

    You know that movie the Hunger Games? Yeah, Divergent is WAY better! Hi, i'm kaden, and this is why Divergent is way better then the Hunger Games. First off, Tris Prior is a better lead character then Katniss Everdeen. She is a daring, lovable character that everybody wants to be. Also, Four is way better then Peeta. He looks better, is 

    a more attaching character, and is a hard-to-get kind of character. He is super daring, has a brave heart, and loves even though its hard. Peeta is just a boy Katniss gave bread to when he was sad. LAME! I think she only liked him because he saved her, and he liked her. Another point is the story line. The story is so attaching, and you get really into it. (BTW i'm spoiling something in Three...Two...One...…

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  • Ebeinhart104

    I think it's awesome that Apple announced the new iPhones will have facial recognition technology in the front facing cameras! It's going to be so much easier to unlock your phone and text your friends! But what about the security of my information on my phone...

    Could someone who isn't me access my phone? I keep important information on my phone that I wouldn't want people to see. Could they use a photograph of me in order to unlock my phone? Would it be able to hack or infiltrate the software and make it so a different face is able to unlock my phone?

    What about other cases of this technology being used? Are pictures of me being taken while I'm not aware? Through surveillence cameras in 7/11? or security cameras at ATMs? Those pictures cou…

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