• RejectedAnimeXP

    So I know almost everyone has seen this episode. its amazing!!! I was expecting Luka to be this jerk or something, but he turned out to be this really cute guy whom I know at least half of the fandom want to marry(in our imaginations of course since he isn't real DX). I was however mad at the son and father moments Adrien had. This is due to the fact of knowing that his father is his enemy. It triggers me they don't know, because he puts his son's life in danger almost EVERY SINGLE DAY! Like, what the actual heck! And Luka's guitar playing man! I was so entranced by it! I wish guys at my school could play like that! Also, Adrien was playing that Piano pretty well to my ears so his father needs to chill! Plagg's song made me smile with pure…

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  • RiverdaleOpinions

    Riverdale: Season 1, Episode 1: The River's Edge:

    I started watching Riverdale one year after its release and by the time the first couple of seconds of the first episode started and the first mystery was unravelled I fell in love with the show. I came back from school every day very excited just to start watching the show so  I could catch up on all the episodes. The choice of characters, plot, setting and scenery was absolutely perfect. The whole show in general caught my eye straight away.


    (If you still have not seen season 1, episode 1 then do NOT continue reading!)


    When the episode starts with a new high school year it made me for some reason relate to the show. Of course a new student (Veronica Lodge) joined the…

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  • Laclale


    March 13, 2018 by Laclale

    Wiki Love Badges is cuttently needs steakes.

    It can breaks easily by block 2 or more days.

    This guy wants to pull back me to Free-Add Comic, but I can't because of this.

    But think about it. There are people who can not edit it even if you want to edit every day in the world ... with consecutive dates.

    I want people like that to get Wiki Love Badges.

    If you aglee, please comment.

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  • Sneakyfox23

    hello! I love books and I hope you read Wings of Fire,  because I do!!!!! I ship Moon x Winter (maybe) (Wintermoon), Kinkajou x Turtle (Tinkajou??), Glory x Deathbringer (I DO NOT SUPPORT #Glotygetsalltheguys so its Glorybringer ), Tsunami x Riptide (Ripnami), Clay x Peril (???), Moon x Qibli (maybe) (Moonbli), the reason for the maybe's is that I want to see the end of the second WOF series so that I can choose the best couple!   ★~(◡﹏◕✿) 


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  • PictureField55


    January 3, 2018 by PictureField55

    Hello! I'm PictureField55! I do create fourms and more. Also you can send me messages to me. I contribute other Wikis.

    My friends are everyone. You are free to edit. Have fun!

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  • Thunder2004

    Today, I will make a presentation about the pros and cons of Discord and Wikia chat. I want to convince people that Discord is for gamers and wikia chat is for wikia members. I like Discord, but it kills wikia's activity.

    As of today, Discord is considered one of the most useful websites to communicate, to play etc. While being too helpful,people start leaving wikias,or making a Discord chat for their wikia. Have you noticed that, after making a Discord chat, people don't care too much for the wikia and are mostly active in the Discord. Do you remember the old good times when you had a Wikia chat, your wikia was rising and everything was fine? Again, I highlight that I don't hate Discord. I even have a discord server myself, but, Discord i…

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  • QueenyBeanie

    Make a new Savefile, go to your Stats screen and press Alt+F2. This syncs that savefile with your Achievements and unlocks everything you had. It will display Challenges as not completed tho, but you will have the items the challenges unlocked. (Trance  Nov 17, 2015 @ 6:39am )

    (Above is what exactly i did with my Binding of Isaac game).

    now you can go to your stats screen and press Alt+f2 and it'll restore everything but if you can not see your character achievements or items, DON'T WORRY they're there its just takes time to load. Another thing you could do is refresh the game (get out and relog back on) it should all be there. This just happened to my boyfriend and he finished the entire game. but we did figure out if you just start the roun…

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  • JamesTheNerdKing

    Administrators are a group of people who possess power in some shape or size. They may rule over a chat, or perhaps they may rule over a wiki, but they have power in some kind of way. However, if one takes a look at any of the many wikis that have died or became troll infested pits of bubbling, disgusting, revolting trolls, then you'll see not everyone is fit for the role of an Administrator. I am going to discuss a few things that, in my opinion, every Administrator should possess.

    This blog is not in response to any event and is targeted at no individuals. Any individual who takes this as an insult, argument, or trolling can read the disclaimer and move on, or complain in a comment. This blog is to be posted elsewhere besides this particu…

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  • RedBomb1

    In a couple of my previous blogs, I wrote about the negative effects about harassment and vandalism, and in this one I will be tackling yet another prominent issue. Specifically, sockpuppetry.

    Sockpuppetry, also simply known as socking, is the act of using multiple accounts for malicious and/or deceiving purposes, often to evade blocks and troll. It also includes the act of disguising as another person as a means to hide real identity, often through the help of VPNs and usage of relatives, friends, or affiliates' devices.

    Often because their account on a certain wiki is blocked or banned from chat and they are impatient to wait it out, so they decide to circumvent the block/ban through usage of another account.

    Because it is very disruptive to…

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  • RedBomb1

    Hello wikians, this is RedBomb1 here with another blog on a wiki issue. In my first blog I discussed the negative nature of harassment and why one should never resort to it, and in this blog I will be discussing a similar issue that has been ongoing ever since knowledge databases like FANDOM and Wikipedia launched. Specifically, vandalism.

    Vandalism is, to put it simply, blatantly bad-faith edits to pages. It may include the addition of juvenile, deceiving, repulsive, offensive, derogatory, off-topic, or overall inappropriate content, often replacing the accurate information and overriding users' productive contributions.

    Good question. I too have always wondered why people would find it interesting to perform such juvenile acts. There could b…

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