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  • Hotspot

    Which Design is best?

    August 29, 2015 by Hotspot

    So, I made the Kya Dark Lineage wiki.. a long time ago, and I kind of just left off the face of wikia back in 2010. After stopping by another wiki a month ago, I thought, I should really fix up the Kya wiki! Especially since, it's such an unknown game; the better the wiki is... the more new people will come and learn about the game and possibly become interested in it. I'm still working on it, and I'm not necessarily ready to really advertise it yet. But my problem is, I made a navigational box for it, and then I was like.. well. .. it's nice,, but this design is nice too! So now I have three navigational boxes that all have their own charm and I have no idea which one to actually use! =_="

    To see all three navigational boxes, check out my …

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  • Pinkgirl234

    This is Pinkgirl234, who created her second blog. 

    Anyway, a lot of us users have been editing and going around in the Wiki network for quite a long time: months, years. Heck I have been a Wikian since November 2014 actually and I know a lot of stuff quickly.

    Now the question is: Do you enjoy being a Wiki user?

    The answer to that, for me, is yes! Yes I do enjoy being a Wiki user! I enjoy it. A loooooot actually.

    I enjoy helping people in the best way I can as well as sharing what I know and befriending people. Besides, it is usually in my nature to be friendly and helpful.

    So reader, do you enjoy being a Wiki user?

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  • MrBreada

    The Harsh Blog Post

    August 8, 2015 by MrBreada

    Hi, I'm MrBreada, and today, I will be harsh. (Keep in mind this is a joke.)

    Q: Help! I'm underage but I really want a Wikia account! What do I do?

    A: Deal with it, kid. Wait a few years. Go play outside.

    Q: Help! I'm permanently blocked from a Wiki! What do I do?

    A: Go somewhere else, rule breaker! It's your fault.

    Q: Another user was blocked globally. Why?

    A: Because you're nosy.

    Q: Can I use chat in monobook?

    A: No!

    And that's all my harsness for today. Thank you.

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  • KCCreations

    (Please note: This blog is not meant to be treated as though a member of Wikia Staff or the VSTF wrote it. I am not an admin on any big wikis, so I may have some of my facts wrong.)

    I, KCCreations (aka KC, KCC, Rina Maximum Zaslavski, Spectrum Koma, Max III, etc...), have been on the Wikia network for almost a year. During my stay, I've learned a lot about the Wikia system(s)...and now I would like to share my thoughts on one thing many users get confused about a lot: adminship.

    From what I've learned and experienced, admins are an essential part of any Wikia community. Without them, all heck would break loose (vandals and trolls would vandalize and harass in much bigger numbers because nobody could block them except Staff) because the member…

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  • Hackey5

    At some point, I'm hoping to organise a Wikia Spotlight for the Geometry Dash Wiki. The problem is that it is automatically inelligible for a spotlight due to it being unable to fulfil the best practice of "at least 200 content pages", as seen on the spotlight page. This I disagree with.

    The fact these best practices exist is to filter spotlight requests of wikis which might not yet be suitable for widescale promotion, and to act as a guideline for wikis to use to improve in order to achieve that sought-after quality standard. Overall the best practices achieve that purpose and give well developed wikis the opportunity to reach out to a larger audience. However, the 200 article minimum is not a task that directly suggests positive development. C…

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  • Lisbeth25

    Herramientas TIC

    June 6, 2015 by Lisbeth25

    Un blog, sitio web Que Es Un recopila cronológicamente Textos o Artículos de uno o varios autores, apareciendo Primero El Más Reciente.

    Habitualmente, en el artículo Cada, los lectores pueden Escribir SUS comentarios y el autor Darles Respuesta, de forma Que Es Posible establecer Diálogo ONU.

    El USO o temática de Cada blogs es concreto, los hay de tipo personal, periodístico, empresarial o corporativo, tecnológico, educativo, etc.

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  • FindTheCreepyPasta01

    Have a favorite Pasta that i wrote? Well, if you do, follow these steps:

    1. Comment your favorite Pasta

    2. Tell why its your favorite

    3. Any changes I should make?

    4. Rate in 1-10 (1= worst Pasta ever made, 10= so good, it might make PotM, Pasta of the Month)

    If i get many opinions, i will make more Pasta like the ones that you commented!

    Thank You,


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  • DarksteelRebelhawk

    There were definitely other things I wanted to do with my day. Go jogging, maybe, or see a movie with my girlfriend. That kind of thing.

              Instead, I’m stuck on the fifth story of a parking garage dodging fireballs.

              Not my idea of fun. But apparently, it’s his.

              “You won’t escape me, Redjacket! I will siphon the power from your burning corpse!” screams the maniac chasing after me, ugly red flames flashing from his arms and back. I narrowly avoid the blasts, rolling behind a support beam a few dozen yards ahead of him and trying to beat the flames out of my black and crimson coat. Cool as it is, it sure as hell isn’t fireproof.

              “Who are you to decide what my corpse looks like?” I shout back, slipping on my knuck…

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  • Gp75motorsports

    Over the past few years - and especially the past few months - I've been noticing that Wikia has a habit of instituting changes without a community's consensus.
    This has to stop.

    Wikia claims to pride itself on openness and individuality, and in many cases, it lives up to these claims. The tools Wikia gives users to collaborate on a specific topic are the best out there, bar none, and the multitude of ways in which users can customize themselves and their wikis is also unrivaled. And yet, Wikia has this strange habit of periodically trespassing on that by introducing a new feature that many communities don't need or want - something that either breaks the experience of browsing the wiki, screws up its styling, or just doesn't sit right with …

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  • Racerbird

    Ma wikia

    April 8, 2015 by Racerbird

    I made a warrior cats rp wiki and its been inactive for a while. Idk if im allowed to advertise but I was hoping for some new users. The wiki is called So bye! The Song Of Silence 19:41, April 8, 2015 (UTC)

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