• Luchofigo85

    Hello Wikia Community!

    December 10, 2013 by Luchofigo85

    Hello Wikians!

    My name is Lucho, and I'm the newest member of the Community Support team. I am really excited to join Wikia, and I'm excited to be working with all the communities here.

    I was recently a member of the Community Support team for the video game publisher IGG. While at IGG, I spent a good amount of time working with the English and Spanish communities.

    My hobbies include Zumba, playing soccer, and writing soccer articles for a bay area sports web page. In my spare time, I enjoy relaxing at the beach, and exploring new restaurants to satisfy my palate and stomach. Organizing is one of the things I do when I need to ease my mind; it really helps me relax.

    I am currently in deep training with the rest of the Community Support Team. I…

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  • Grunny

    Hi, everyone! Today I would like to introduce you to a new initiative by Wikia: the Volunteer Developer Program.

    Volunteer Developers are a group of users who have shown a high level of skill and interest in writing code for the Wikia platform. Many of you use some of their custom scripts every day, such as Chat Hacks. At the moment, they are four members strong: Monchoman45, TK-999, Sovq, and Sactage, but in the future we may recruit some other technically-minded users onto the team.

    Starting today, they'll be helping out Wikia's engineering department by fixing bugs and committing them to Wikia's source code. This will not only help the engineers have more time to work on new features for you, but also give the volunteers valuable experienc…

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  • JAlbor

    At last, our first full-length episode of the Wikia Community Podcast is live! This week on the show, we on the Community Development team cover some awesome Wikia news, delve into the future of Star Wars and Star Trek, the crowd funding launch of Shadow of the Eternals (the spiritual successor to Eternal Darkness ), the new Sims , and so much more!

    As always, we want you to be a part of this podcast, so if you have a piece of news you want us to discuss, have a wiki you want to get on the air or any thoughts on the show, please let us know in the comments below or send us an email to You can also find links to relevant wikis and more in the show notes, so be sure to give that a look. You will always be able to find u…

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  • JAlbor

    Wikia Community Podcast

    April 24, 2013 by JAlbor

    The Community Development team here at Wikia is excited to announce the first ever Wikia Community Podcast! We want to bring you a show that will entertain, educate, and inspire, so each week we plan on bringing you discussions on a variety of subjects. Expect to hear an assortment of Wikia related updates, chats about the latest Video Games and Entertainment news, highlights of our favorite wikis around Wikia, and conversations with special guests!

    We want you to be a part of this podcast, so if you a piece of news you want us to discuss, have a wiki you want to get on the air, or any thoughts on the show, please let us know in the comments below or send us an email to

    Listen to the show below and subscribe to the sho…

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  • Cshannon

    Introducing Wikia Stars

    January 10, 2013 by Cshannon

    Each time I explore a wiki I am amazed at the extent of collaboration that exists - not only of users building out pages of content, but also how community members help each other with design, templates, complex code and how welcoming our communities are to new users. As I write this, Wikia consists of 286,070 communities and 20,124,135 total pages including rich communities like Wookieepedia and The Elder Scrolls Wiki, which on their own are bigger websites than and We recognize the significant amount of work, passion and expertise that is required to blossom as a full-fledged and thriving Wikia community, and we are proud when we have the opportunity to share this with the rest of the world.

    That is why I am…

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  • Sarah Manley

    As the end of 2012 approaches, the Wikia office has quieted and each team is reflecting on their achievements. Besides growing our office and teams, the past year has been busy with new features from Product, performance upgrades from Engineering, new initiatives from Marketing, new support programs from both Community Teams, and much, much, more!

    Wikia as a whole has seen tremendous growth: 33% growth year over year! (comScore) and voted a “Top Ten Social Network” by Nielsen for both Web and mobile! More than 4.6 million people currently have Wikia accounts and over 280,000 communities call Wikia home. Just over 2 and half years ago I announced here that we had reached 2 million users and 100,000 wikis - the huge growth since then is somethi…

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  • Lizzunchbox

    Back in June, I wrote about how excited I was to be here, and how at E3, numerous game developers and publishers made a point of telling me how much they love Wikia Gaming wikis, and how excited they were to work with us.

    That enthusiasm is quickly turning into action. If you follow our Wikia Games home page, you probably already know that we’ve been lining up numerous developer interviews: Dragon’s Dogma, StreetFighter, XCOM, even Dishonored.

    Now I’m happy to reveal that the developers who make the games we play and talk about are going to be working with us even more directly. Today, we’re announcing that Sony Online Entertainment is recognizing two of our wikis - Everquest II and Planetside 2 - as the official communities for these two ga…

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  • Brandon Rhea

    One of the most vital components of any successful wiki is the user or group of users who have been entrusted with the role of an administrator. More and more people become admins every day, sometimes for the first time—and sometimes without experience or as much wiki knowledge as they would like. We know how daunting that can be, and we want to help!

    Earlier this year, we launched the Admin Support Team, with an aim of helping new administrators become the best admins they can be. After a lot of review and learning, we have decided to update this program. I am excited to announce that today we are officially launching our newly revamped admin support group called the Admin Mentor Program (AMP)! This is a program to empower admins with the k…

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  • Joletole

    Come join my wiki! Star Trek:The Original Series Wiki. You can help us in our project if you have a lot of experience about a subject!

    Also, if you are an admin to any of the Star Trek Wiki series, than it would be great if you could come on over and help us out.

    Or, if you are a awesome nerd that likes star trek a lot, come over and help us!

    Thanks a lot!

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  • Naglfar94

    Hi everybody! it`s me Naglfar94 again it`s been awhile. This time I am letting everyone know that I created another wiki and I am again seeking help this wiki is about the anime series Inukami! so come here if you want to see Inukami wiki.

    At first I did not even bother to make a wiki for this series because I thought there was already a wiki out for this. But then I checked online and looked and what do you know nothing! which shocked me as people acually know about this series so I decided to give this great series it`s own place!! So Inukami fans can now have their dream come true!.

    This wiki is freash out of the box as in It got made last night so there is nothing up there except for a few thing`s so the site is well.. Still plain I will…

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